Four teams jumped out to leads of at least five points within the first 36 hours which is when most of the voting tends to take place.  It’s also a fact that a five-point lead has been near impossible to turn around.

Some folk were happy to admit that some of the ties did cuuse them huge grief, none more so than The Swede who said of the Devoto v Gedge match-up:-

Magazine v The Wedding Present went to extra time, then a replay. Then another replay. Then penalties. Then another replay. Then a coin toss. The coin landed on its edge. Unseparateable. Do your worst JC.

Tne Swede bottled out of voting…and he wasn’t alone; but if you’re reading this mate, please remember you’re still able to come in again before 10pm on Friday evening.  It night make a difference…..

Oh and three of the early leaders have had very strong finishes to the half and look home and dried.

The Jam 28 v The Detroit Cobras 3
Half Man Half Biscuit 19 v Trashcan Sinatras 12
Pete Wylie 22 v PJ Harvey 11
Magazine 14 v The Wedding Present 18

Today’s accompanying tune, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Radio Radio

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m having fun with this series!



15 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Looks like Gedge has had just the right amount of apple pie

    I’m loving this series too – and it can only get better

  2. This whole series is fun, yes, but of course it’s clear to everybody that it’s also nothing else but a corrupt fake! Reason being that there is no ICA from a German artist included. I mean, everyone knows how it goes in football: this artist would win the tournament in the end, regardless of the British teams’ efforts !!!

  3. Dirk: despite not being represented in the competition, we all know the Germans are somehow still going to win this on penalties.

    After a two-round touchline ban:

    The Jam
    Trashcan Sinatras – a really tight tie. Two great songs battling on a snow-covered pitch. In the end, the flipping of a mental coin landed Scot-side up. But what a choice to have to make.
    Pete Wylie
    The Wedding Present – what a match-up. And what a final this would have made. I have to go with TWP. Quite a shot from Oswald to end it.

  4. Dirk…..I fully intend that there will be at least one German artist in the 2019 tournament that I’ve devised in my head….it wont be th enext ICA World Cup as that will take place in 2020……I intend to reveal all after this year’s final!!

  5. All ties have been snowed off. Here are the pronouncements of the Pools Panel:
    The Jam v The Detroit Cobras HOME WIN
    HMHB v Trashcans HOME WIN
    Pete Wylie v PJ HARVEY HOME WIN
    Magazine v Weddoes HOME WIN

  6. Shock away win for the Cobras.
    HMHB overcoming a strong TS effort.
    A stroll in the park for Wylie.
    A tight one but Weddoes take it on the danceability factor.

  7. The Jam
    PJ Harvey – Wylie effort too much like goal hanging wanting glory not really his
    Wedding Present ~ many replays later, and I loved them both on every play

  8. Magazine

    does that help?

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