Some of the commentaries in the first half have bordered on true genius, whether it be Dirk with his panel of experts, Malky Tucker imagining one of the matches taking place in an S&M dungeon or Nic Ros and Badger 21 each bringing in other appropriate tunes to back up their selections.  Many thanks…again.

The four ties this week have caused a great deal of angst – I think Brian summed it up for many by saying that voting against some of the bands did not feel good.  There’s plenty more of that to come, most likely as we get down to the latter stages of the competition although there will be a few more horrible scenarios to consider in the coming weeks of Round 2.  For now, here’s how things stand…

New Order(3) 20 v The Go-Betweens (2) 15
The Charlatans 27 v Carter USM 8
Lightning Seeds 20 v Big Audio Dynamite 14
The Cramps 16 v Saint Etienne 19

(as at Tuesday 10pm…and typed from my sick bed with a severe dose of man-flu)

It’s fair to say that the Charley Twins are almost certain to get through and while three other teams have decent leads, all of those ties have been swinging back and forth throughout the first half….indeed The Cramps were ahead until the final few entries so there’s still time for late drama

This week’s half-time, as per the newly adopted practice, comes from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the above eight sides:-

mp3 : LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

Remember….if you haven’t vote yet, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



8 thoughts on “HALF TIMES SCORES

  1. Fuckin’ hell, I just tried to convince Mrs Loser to send in votes as well in order to get The Cramps’ score higher, but she would go for Saint Etienne (“those Cramps sound ‘too hard’ to me”)!!! Bollocks, of course, so I refused to give her your adress!

    But just wait until Little Loser comes home, 9 years of musical education from my side must show at least SOME effect!

  2. Little Loser is now back, has eaten and is ready for bed by and large. After all of this had been achieved I kindly asked him to listen to both St. Etienne and to The Cramps. Honestly, I said nothing but ‘just listen and tell me which one you think is better’. He said (to St. Etienne): “Goddamn awful”. And to The Cramps: “That’s good, Daddy”: that’s my boy …. and another win for Ivy & Lux!

  3. Dirk….it is just as well that I have met you and can vouch for your integrity and honesty…not forgetting the ability to make me laugh out loud so often. Little Loser’s vote will count…..as indeed will Mrs Loser’s given that you denied her the ability to participate earlier on.

    Seems fair don’t you think mate??? 😂😂😂😂

    Incidentally, Chaval has just come up with the greatest ever reason for voting a particular way. He went for BAD as years ago Mick Jones gave him two cans of Red Stripe lager and therefore this week offers ‘payback’!!!

  4. Suppose it’s fair, yes, still not what I wanted to achieve obviously! So let’s hope The Cramps win eventually, it would be real shame if they dropped out so early in the tournament.

    Btw: I flickered through the ICA – list on the right yesterday, because I thought I somehow managed to miss The Ramones’ match – has there really never been a Ramones – ICA? Quite shocking, isn’t it?!

    And to Chaval: I’m quite jealous! First of course I’d like to have met MJ myself, but more importantly Red Stripe is my favorite beer and it was 14 years ago that I last drank one (when honeymooning in Jamaica actually)!

  5. This could’ve been a tricky week had the draw been different. But…

    New Order – there was little likely to beat this. I used to listen to Technique every night before I went out. I can probably remember all the crackles and pops on my vinyl version.

    Charlatans – I’m not a huge fan of their musical output but I do love this. Channeling the very best of Liam Gallagher’s sneer and every Madchester tune ever. Game over.

    Lightning Seeds – pop perfection. I saw Big Audio Dynamite live. They were BAD. And not in a good way. (Goes off to hide having committed Clash high treason.)

    The Cramps – I’ve been listening to a lot of the Cramps lately. It’s a worry as now I find myself, while out walking, listening to tunes like this classic, automatically and unconsciously flailing my way through busy high street crowds as I fight to get to a mythical dancefloor or front of stage. That never happens when I listen to Saint Etienne, though I do love this song. as it reminds me of Kylie…

  6. New Order

    Carter USM (can I stick 20 votes in for them to give them a slender lead?)

    The Lightning Seeds (easy to disregard as “a bit lightweight”, but listen a bit more – they are purveyors of some fine earworms)

    St Etienne

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