Without any question, Dirk’s match report wins comment of the week. Probably wins comment of the year….

Back from a short trip to the Dutch coast in order to escape the Carnival season that started in my area last week. I guess I’m too old by now to wear false tits or something along those lines for four days in a row and drink way too much, that’s why we chose to go away and boycott the carnival by and large. So, a bit belated, but here you are, JC.

SBTRKT v The Fall: well, a most dull game, it must be said. It’s not easy to tell which team was the most boring one to watch, both performances jangled my nerves mightily because of whatever the noun for ‘repetitive’ might possibly be. The Fall though were a little bit less repetitive than SBTRKT, but just a tad. That’s why they won in the very last second. As Johan Cruyff said about this match: “Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.”

Kitchens of Distinction v Talking Heads: much (!) more my kind of a game, this! Both teams were great and Kitchens were brilliant up to the last minute. Still ‘Artists Only’ has always been one my favorites by Talking Heads, so that’s why they succeeded in the end. But it was close! Arsene Wenger was right when he commented above game as thus: “Football is an art, like dancing is an art – but only when it’s well done does it become an art.”

Sonic Youth v Edwyn Collins: an easy score for Sonic Youth, because they entered the pitch with one of the best line-ups they could possibly have chosen. Poor old Edwyn failed here, it must be said! Perhaps he should’ve remembered Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s words: “If you are too nice, you will just get eaten alive. The football world is not always a nice place.”

The Velvet Underground v Talk Talk: as with the first game in this round, this one was rather bitter and not a great joy to watch! At the end of the day though the Velvet Underground won by following Gary Neville’s advice: “With good coaching, proper motivation and the right club structure with organic growth, you can achieve an awful lot in football.”

But did he get all four predictions spot on??  Not quite…….

SBTRKT 3 The Fall(3) 33
Kitchens of Distinction 18 Talking Heads 22
Sonic Youth 9 Edwyn Collins 30
The Velvet Underground 25 Talk Talk 14

KoD made a fist of things in the second half but ran out of time before being able to completely close the gap.  The other three were never in doubt from early doors and I’ll be the first to admit that things weren’t exactly mouth-watering or tense in the same way as many of those that were drawn out in Round 1, but I think this week more than makes up for it.

Matches 5-8 of Round 2

New Order (3) v The Go-Betweens (2)

Both sides were expected to reach at least the last eight of the tournament but it’s just not to be. New Order took no chances in Round 1, fielding Blue Monday in what proved to be a surprisingly one-sided triumph over LCD Soundsystem, a move that some commentators feel may come back to haunt them in later stages. The Aussies also had to play hard to see off The Woodentops, and they took a bit of a risk on using The Wrong Road, one of their album tracks rather than a classic 45, although it does give them better options for this immense match-up.

Here’s the very crucial coin toss and roll of the dice.

Football.  Bloody Hell.

Vanishing Point (from Technique, 1989) v Was There Anything I Could Do? (from 16 Lovers Lane, 1988)

The Charlatans v Carter USM

The Charlatans took a really laid back approach last time round, fielding a live and acoustic version of The Only One I Know, which might have been enough to defeat the cult of The Mekons but a similarly low-key performance this time round would certainly spell danger no matter the opponents, never mind the deadly South London duo.  The same applies to Carter USM who used up a lesser-known b-side in Re-Educating Rita to see off the countrified challenge of Dwight Yaokam.

If either is serious about getting into the final 32, they will surely need to offer up songs in this round that will appeal beyond the immediate fanbase.

Coin…..Dice….oh my!!  It’s fair to say these most certainly do that…from their wonderful and distinct introductions right through to the last notes.

Weirdo (from Between 10th And 11th, 1992) v Bloodsport For All (from 30 Something, 1991)

The Lightning Seeds v Big Audio Dynamite

Another all-English tie that comes under the heading of intriguing. The Lightning Seeds used up a hit single last time out, but it was a cover in You Showed Me which proved adequate to provide them with an easy win over Gemma Ray. Big Audio Dynamite used one of their strongest efforts in the shape of E=MC2, which enabled them to thump The Streets by 32-9 in a tie that, on paper, appeared to be one which would be a close call.

Before the songs for this round came out, the bookies had this one as a potential draw. Afterwards….they remain of the same opinion.

Pure (from Cloudcuckooland, 1990) v Medicine Show (from This Is Big Audio Dynamite, 1985)

The Cramps v Saint Etienne

Filth v Finesse.
Raw post-punk v dance-chic.
Poison Ivy v Sarah Cracknell.
Lux Interior v Bob Stanley.
Dirk v The Robster.

The contrasts in this one are a complete joy to behold. One of those ties that you really want both to go through, but sadly there can only be one winner.

Both were expected winners in Round 1 and so it proved, each racking up more than 28 points – The Cramps fielded I Wanna Get In Your Pants to defeat Shit Robot while How We Used to Live saw off the challenge of The Sugarplastic.

Might be different this time, but it could well be that one of them racks up a high score again.

What’s Inside A Girl (from A Date With Elvis, 1986) v He’s On The Phone (single, 1995)


Please have your votes in by midnight on Friday 23 February….as ever, you don’t have to vote in all of the ties.

Tune in next Saturday for matches 9-12.



42 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 2 (Part 2)

  1. This second set of round 2 matches aren’t as obvious as some might think…
    New Order
    Big Audio Dynamite – sometimes your teenage heroes remain strong
    The Cramps – When Extraterrestrial life finally discovers this once beautiful planet, they may tap their toes, or whatever they stand on, to Saint Etienne,
    but hearing The Cramps will let them know this was a once singular world.

  2. Some tasty matches lined up here.
    New Order- because Vanishing Point is peerless. A Cantona of a song.
    The Charlatans. Even with all the history of their trials and tribulations Weirdo knocks CUSM clean out in 90 minutes.
    BAD- this is the stuff that cured a nation. 3 at the back, nimble front line.
    The Cramps- I love He’s On The Phone. I love What’s Inside A Girl. But Lux and Ivy dig in, their new all leather kit glistening under the floodlights, and despite the folly of wearing high heels for football, they are just too much for St Etienne.

  3. New Order – as is often the case, the Mancunians are just too strong for their plucky challengers.
    Charlatans – one of the greatest intros ever? Yes, the strongest possible start meant the game was over before it properly began. A stong comeback from the south Londoners, but even with Fergie time on their side it just wasn’t enough.
    Lightning Seeds – of course the Scousers win this one. Close though – defensive errors nearly cost them.
    Saint Etienne – this one could have gone to penalties, in which case, with their German connections, the Cramps would inevitably have emerged triumphant. But the patient, pretty English game won out over the dirty, aggressive display of the Americans.

  4. Four listens to all songs….and still can’t really make my mind up. Best to go with it now and get it over and done with or there will be sleepless nights ahead.

    New Order. An A+ effort sneaks through against a tune that would have won any of last week’s ties and probably any of the others today. So tough

    Carter USM. See above comment.

    Lightning Seeds. Broudie scores an incredible solo goal in the final minute of extra time to prevent it going to penalties. Jones and Letts are looking at one another in disbelief.

    The Cramps. It was a home tie for the Americans and they cleverly decided to have it played in the confines of an S&M dungeon. In the end, it came down to the girl-on-girl action, and Sarah just couldn’t deal with the leather and stilettos although she did pick up and swing her handbag to get in a few blows.

    The effort involved may see the winners pay the price in the next round.

    Malky Tucker

  5. NO – World is in motion
    Charlatan – I do understand
    LS – Its the life of riley
    St Etienne – couldn’t beat LFC in ’77’ but didn’t suffer the cramps this time…

  6. Some tough choices here but if we are playing by the songs

    NEW ORDER – my favourite track of Technique

    THE CHARLATANS – more an own goal by Carter as not one of favourites by them (probably any other song may have swung it)

    BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE – still recall buying the album blind despite not having heard anything by them – not disappointed

    THE CRAMPS – in my opinion they could put any track out and walk the whole world cup (they probably won’t)

  7. Thanks for the nice words, JC, highly appreciated! This week I’m suffering from a severe dosis of man-flu, what a nasty experience, to be sure!

    Still I spent a fair bit of the afternoon in conversation with a few old mates of mine on the phone, discussing this and that, as you do, but also we spoke about the four games in question. Not all five of us agreed upon everything, but I thought I let you know what they said anyway, that’s if memory serves correctly:

    My old chum Xavi was particularly fond of the New Order vs. Go-Betweens game. His explanation of New Order clearly winning the match was as thus: “In football, the result is an impostor. You can do things really, really well but not win. There’s something greater than the result, more lasting – a legacy.”

    I know Dennis Bergkamp from my frequent trips to Amsterdam, met him in various coffee shops there in the late Eighties, he thought The Charlatans playing Carter USM was the best game of the lot. “Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought.” was what he said to me, and obviously he was right, as he usually is. Otherwise Carter wouldn’t’ve lost so clearly.

    After that I asked my pal Neymar about his thoughts concerning Lightning Seeds vs. BAD, in my view perhaps the toughest game of the four. The fact Lightning Seeds needed up to the second half of extra time to win the match proves Neymar’s thoughts to be right: “There is no pressure when you are making a dream come true.”

    The last phone call I made was with Roberto Baggio, we don’t see each other as often as I would like to, but he’s a great geezer, for sure! We spoke about me visiting him again in Italy soon and briefly about the only game he saw, Cramps vs. St. Etienne. It’s his birthday tomorrow, you know, and so he didn’t find the time to watch the other three games as well. But either way, on previous occasions he mentioned St. Etienne clearly being the best team in the French league, but today their weak performance which, as you know, resulted in a 4-0 for the mighty Cramps, made him say to me: “It’s better to have ten disorganized players than ten organized runners.”

  8. Bloody hell, those were some tough ones. (Apart from the first match, obviously, which was a no-brainer for me. Sorry.)

    The Go-Betweens
    Charlatans (love Carter, hate to vote against them, but Weirdo is probably my favourite Charlies tune)
    Lightning Seeds (Pure is perfect pop)
    The Cramps… just.

  9. The Go-Betweens in a shock result.
    Big Audio Dynamite (they got a bit lucky, mind).
    The Cramps.

  10. Gobetweens , breaks my heart but can see NO running away with this.
    Carter, the only one i really like by them so beats a strong charlatans effort.
    My this is tough. LS by a whisper
    St Ett by some distance

  11. First tie could have been the final, and it was close but Go-Betweens are on peerless form here and just nip ahead of New Order in their Indian Summer.

    Second tie could have been close but for all the brute force and energy of Carter, Weirdo’s constant movement, changes of pace and shifting patterns, just made it look like Brazil v Millwall. Easy win for the Charlatans in the end.

    Third tie was only seen on highlights on ITV2 due to lack of interest, but a rare piece of quality from the Lightning Seeds sees them through.

    Final game could have been a massacre, St Etienne 3 up at half-time before deciding to save something for later rounds

  12. The match-ups are getting tough now.
    New Order over Go-Betweens
    Carter USM over Charlatans
    Lightning Seeds over BAD
    St. Etienne over the Cramps

  13. Go-Betweens
    Lightning Seeds

    Voting against BAD and New Order did not feel good. Saint Etienne too, for that matter.

  14. The taste of thing to come I guess as the minnows fall by the wayside leaving the big guns to battle it out. Definitely the toughest one so far.

    Lightning Seeds (probably the easiest of the choices this week and I do like Medicine Show a lot, but Pure is just sheer pop brilliance. I’m guessing Sense may need to come out if they’re to progress further though)
    Saint Etienne (two songs I play regularly, this was for me the trickiest to choose – on another day I may have called it for The Cramps)

  15. The glamour tie of the day. NO v GBs. Not a fine time, choosing between these two in the month where I completed Robert Forster’s excellent book and moved on to Peter Hook’s. A nigh on impossible task, yet the result is similar to that of a match between the two autobiographies – a very narrow win for New Order. Sorry GBs – hope my apology is accepted.
    The Charlatans – a cracking singles band, so Weirdo is not the only one I know.
    BAD – can’t vote against a man who’s signature (with that of his previous band) hangs on the wall. One of their top tunes too.
    St Etienne – see Charlatans. Cramps hammered – they’re in a bad way.

  16. New Order, even if it hurts seeing my fave Aussies losing this game.
    The Charlatans.
    St Etienne – when class and style puts down raw power and does so without even getting sweaty.

  17. Here are the results from the TSOBO jury.
    New Order 3 Go Between 0
    The Charlatans 1 Carter 2
    the Lightning Seeds 1 BAD 0
    the Cramps 0 St Etienne 3.

    We reacted these on a Snakes and Ladders Board. Carter winning by rolling a lucky 5 at the end.

  18. Ooh, as tricky as Wigan vs Man City.
    Go-Betweens (and that was the tough one)
    Lightning Seeds with one of the greatest singles ever
    Then Low Culture vs Culture… sadly its The Cramps

  19. Fairly straightforward for me this week, no replays required:

    Lightning Seeds
    Saint Etienne

  20. New Order v The Go-Betweens
    Not a big fan of “Vanishing Point” but it is nevertheless the best tune.

    The Charlatans v Carter USM
    “Weirdo” has got a glorious intro but not much else. On the other hand, Carter USM shows here why they’ve been one of the best bands ever to walk the streets of this sad, ugly planet, and let me tell y’all, we need WAY more anger in pop music nowadays.

    Lightning Seeds v Big Audio Dynamite
    “Medicine Show” is a good song but it’s not “Applecart” or “Just Play Music”. Nor even close. I bought “Cloudcuckooland” when I was, say, 18 years old and I loved it. The 46-years-old me finds “Pure” almost nauseatingly sugary. Problem is, I’ve listened to it two days ago for the purpose to decide how my vote would be cast, and I still can’t get that song out of my head. So it’s Lightning Seeds, I guess, but for my sanity I won’t come near that tune anymore.

    The Cramps v Saint Etienne
    I like Saint Etienne but this song is SAW-pop (meant in the best possible way). The Cramps are in another league entirely.

  21. Go-Betweens

    (Loved New Order until about 1984, love Go-Betweens forever, so Australians prevail even with one of their weakest tracks).

    Carter USM

    (A band that carved a brief career out of rage and puns).


    (Mick Jones gave me a couple of cans of Red Stripe at a BAD gig back in the day. Payback time)

    Saint Etienne

    (Neither track is great but Saints have the football knowhow)

  22. Go Betweens. ( never really liked that NO track)
    BAD ( have they now played their two star tracks, worry for them next round)
    Saint Etienne. Class

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