There was a flurry of activity over the weekend but Monday and Tuesday provided a barren spell with not much to shout about in terms of goalmouth action.

A few sides have been able to build commanding leads and seem likely to advance into the last 64.  Some ties are very much in the balance, with leads swinging back and forth, often in the space of minutes.  Here’s how it all stands, as at 7.45pm on Tuesday night.

The Wondermints 9 v The Jesus & Mary Chain 21
Joe Strummer 12 v Julian Cope 19
The Pipettes 5 v Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 26
The Jam 24 v T. Rex 7
Billy Bragg 23 v The Faces 7
The Housemartins 22 v Gene 9
Foil 13 v Emiliana Torrini 13
The Jayhawks 11 v The Farmer’s Boys/The Higsons 15
R.E.M. 17 v Radiohead 14
Elbow 7 v The Skids 22
Underworld 7 v Ride 20
Carter USM 21 v Dwight Yoakam 6
Pulp 20 v Tindersticks 10
The The 16 v Simple Minds 14
The Velvet Underground 29 v The National 2
Friends Again 11 v XTC (2) 19

Click here for a reminder of what the full list of songs are. Deadline is Friday midnight. All being well, I’ll announce the results on Saturday morning at the same time as releasing the next 16 fixtures.

Time, once more, for a banging half-time tune

mp3 : David Guetta – Work Hard



15 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Thanks for the reminder – almost lost this round in everyday life…

    Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
    Simple Minds (Arrrgh! Hate to dismiss The The, one of my all time favourite bands but SSIS happens to be one of the best SM tracks ever, and Armageddon Days not on my top 10 TT tracks… Darn)

  2. CC…..you obviously never read the rules as set out in advance of the competition!!! Not like you to miss that sort of attention to detail…..

    In the event of the draw, I am King.

  3. Adam…..I’m only sharing with listeners the sort of stuff I have to play prematch and at half time on Saturday afternoons as requested by the younger fans of Raith Rovers!!

    One more banging tune next Wednesday then it’s a wee change related to the ICA World Cup…..

  4. Not doing much to change the Status Quo but for the record;
    Mary Chain
    St Julian
    Pipettes – most difficult one to choose love both songs
    The Jam
    Billy Bragg
    Foil (just)
    Radiohead – 90% of song choices would have had this the other way round
    Pulp – another tight one
    The The

  5. and the late results from the RD jury are:
    The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Joe Strummer
    The Pipettes
    The Jam (tough one, and whilst Futuristic Dragon remains my favourite T.Rex album, Happy Together wins out (however, if the track was Calling All Destroyers the result would’ve gone the other way)
    The Faces
    The Housemartins
    The Farmer’s Boys/The Higsons
    The Skids
    Carter USM
    The The
    The Velvet Underground

  6. Any more of this boasting JTFL, and I might have your team kicked out for unsportsmanlike behaviour from the coach’s bench…….

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