Fruits of Passion were tipped by many to make it big. In some ways, they were on the scene a wee bit to early to have the impact expected as their template for making music would be largely mimicked by Texas to great effect a few years later.

Consisting of Sharon Dunleavy on vocals, Glenn Gibbons on lead guitar, Davey Fullerton on rhythm guitar, Stephen Alexander on bass and Colin Auld on drums, they were responsible for five singles albeit one was a remixed release of the flop debut) and one LP in 85/86, all of them via Siren Records, which was a subsidiary of Virgin Records.

Sharon had a voice that wasn’t a million miles away from Maria McKee and the band could certainly play. They picked up a good number of high-profile support slots back in the day which should have been a great way to increase their fanbase. But for whatever reason, it just never happened.

I’m not a huge fan of their stuff, although I do have a copy of their sole LP in the cupboard. It is a decent enough example of mainstream, female-vocalist pop and there have been many worse acts made it big in the charts.

mp3 : Fruits of Passion – Love’s Glory

This was their sophomore single, released in March 1986.



  1. Not heard of them before, but quite a pleasant tune. Doesn’t sound typically 85/86 in terms of style or production – as you say maybe a tad early for that particular ship.

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