A few of the very welcome comments earlier today led to me doing a quick bit of number crunching.

150 ICAs – of which more than two-thirds have come via guest postings.

40 of you have made a guest appearance via the ICA at one time or another – SWC leads the way with 14.5 contributions, closely followed by The Robster (8) and Tim Badger (7.5). And they’ve come from all corners of the globe, although I’m still waiting on my first from Japan.

Full list of credits, in alphabetical order:-

Aidan Baker (1)
Alex G (2)
Brian Linear Lives (2)
C (1)
Charity Chic (2)
Comrade Colin (1)
Craig McAllister (1)
Dave Ashley (1)
Dave Glickmann (1)
Dave Martin (1)
Derek Howie (1)
Dirk Sexy Loser (3)
Drew Kitchen Table (1)
Echorich (4)
Eric (1)
Friend of Rachel Worth (1)
George Forsyth (5)
Gil Gillespie (1)
Jacques the Kipper (1.5)
Jen (1)
JC (46.5)
jimdoes (3)
Jonder (4)
Jonny the Friendly Lawyer (5)
Jules (1)
KC (as was, now KT) (1)
Martin New Amusements (1)
Martin Elliot (3)
Mike Melville (2)
Nik (1)
rhetor (2)
Rich Cundill (1)
Rol Hirst (2)
Strangeways (2)
Strictly Rockers (7)
SWC (14.5)
Swiss Adam (4)
The Crumpsall Correspondent (1)
The Robster (8)
The Swede (1)
Tim Badger (7.5)

Thank you so much. And keep ’em comin’

mp3 : Chemical Brothers – Music : Response


7 thoughts on “ICA #150 : A SHORT POSTSCRIPT

  1. I’ve been sitting on a couple for over two years now, I really should get them spruced up and sent. Expect them some time around the Tokyo Olympics…

  2. Thank you JC – for opening you blog to the wild and wonderful contributions you have published, for giving my own words a place among the same. The interaction between host and readers and host as reader makes T(n)VV a safe and comfortable place for opinion in our part of the Blogosphere. Again, JC, THANK YOU!

  3. Very honoured to be on that list – thank you JC, and I look forward to more fine stuff from you and your many worldwide contributors!

  4. I’ve got 2 maybe 3 ICAs rattling around in unwritten/unfinished form. I’ll try to get them finished while I’m off work. A fine spread of guest writers you have contributing here JC. Testament to your blog.

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