This lot have been the subject of a rather splendid ICA courtesy of Jacques the Kipper back in August 2016. Here’s the summary version of the band, courtesy of an American website:-

Foil are a guitar-pop band from West Lothian, Scotland (near Edinburgh); their original lineup featured vocalist/guitarist Hugh Duggie, guitarist Colin McInally, bassist Shug Anderson, and drummer Jim Anderson. The group played its first gig at London’s Underworld in February 1996 and were immediately signed by 13th Hour, releasing the single “Reviver Gene” in July; however, the song did not really receive much airplay until its re-release in November 1997. The group’s debut album, Spread It All Around, was released in England in January 1998, appearing domestically two months later; in addition to Foil’s debut single, it also contained “Don’t Come Around” and “Are You Enemy?” Drummer Alan Lindlay has since replaced Anderson. In mid-2000, Foil issued Never Get Hip.

There were the 2 albums and a slew of excellent singles. Hugh Duggie is a talented musician who really deserves to be far more famous and successful than he is.

JtK did cover the best of them. Here’s one he didn’t squeeze in:-

mp3 : Foil – I’ll Take My Chances

From the 2000 sophomore album.


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