30, 20, 10 (Part 6)

The latest installment in the monthly series looking back at the songs which were #1 in the indie charts on the first day of the month 30, 20 and 10 years ago.

Last month I threatened to call a premature halt to this series if it continued to throw up anomalies such as Elvis Presley gaining top spot in September 2007.  So what do we have this time round?

1 October 1987 : mp3 : M/A/R/R/S/ – Pump Up The Volume

Absolute class.  A bona-fide indie-hit and indeed regular chart hit, giving 4AD a hugely unexpected and welcome injection of cash.

1 October 1997 : mp3 : Blur – M.O.R.

The fourth song from the album 13 to hit #1 in the indie charts that year.  It’s easy to forget just how much was riding on that album given how much of a panning that The Great Escape had endured two years previously.

1 October 2007 : Jack Penate : Second, Minute or Hour

I mentioned Jack Penate back in July. I’ve no wish to go over old ground.

Two out of three….the series lives to fight another day!



2 thoughts on “30, 20, 10 (Part 6)

  1. Blur? But they were on a Parlophone subsdiary. Hardly indie at all! Did the indie charts mean anything after 1990? Still, far better than some of the guff that was classed as “indie”, as you’ve rightfully pointed out.

  2. Here’s the BIG question, what actually is ‘Indie’? Is it music made on a purely independent record label? Because let’s face it, many so-called indie labels have major label backing, so how many degrees of separation can there be in order for the label to be truly independent? Even then, think of all those acts who have been around for years who are now happy to operate a cottage industry distributing CD’s from home through the Internet. So does that make Marillion and Fairport Convention indie?
    Is it a means of describing a musical style? That’s another difficult one, because Indie music is so diverse. A lot of people would say jangly guitars, some would point to electronics-based music, some would think of something completely different,Indie comes from such a broad church. Weirdly though, if you hear someone describing a new band they have heard as being ‘a bit indie’, we sort of know what they mean (although I might want to growl and roll my eyes at that point). It’s like the term has become something that floats around in our collective consciousness, like it doesn’t need an explanation, it just is, and we just know.

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