mp3 : Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK

It’s more than 40 years since Anarchy in the UK propelled Sex Pistols into all of our lives. Recorded on 17 October 1976 and released by EMI Records on 26 November, it limped to just #38 in the singles charts. But then again, nobody was able to hear it due to a near blanket-ban on radio and TV and many of the bigger department stores, where many folk did buy their singles and albums at the time, refused to stock it.

By January 1977, the band had been fired by their label.

There would be three further singles in 1977, all of which went Top 10, before Johnny Rotten decided he’d had enough, quitting the band, dropping his punk aka for his proper name of John Lydon and forming Public Image Ltd.

This was the b-side:-

mp3 : Sex Pistols – I Wanna Be Me

Was the debut their finest 45? I really shouldn’t have to pose that question……….



  1. Not sure that they ever bettered this. And I still have my battered old copy, nabbed in the local Sperrings newsagents of the small town I lived in. Nowhere else had it, so I considered myself very lucky at the time, but fortunately newsagents in those days often stocked the top 50…

  2. Yeah, gonna go with God Save The Queen to be punk about it. Besides, we don’t have any royalty over here. Kim Deal, maybe.

  3. We don’t have any royalty here over in Germany any more and so I have to agree with JTFL. Anyway, Anarchy In The UK was a wake-up call for those who are interested in new music in these days. And I think this record is more important for punk and new wave than God Save The Queen. This record was the reason why I spent my last money in 1977 to see them live in Kopenhagen during my vacation.

  4. I find it easy to forget in the wake of all that’s happened and all I’ve heard since just how special and incredible this was at the time. But oh, wasn’t it? I loved I Wanna Be Me too. I had my 14th birthday party in ’77 and a boy I knew brought his copy along. He got drunk, we fell out and he left the party without taking it back home with him. For some crazy reason I ended up giving it back a few weeks later (after taping it). Should’ve kept it, tho’!

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