Returning again to the series looking at some of the bands on C87, a 3xCD box set issued last year by Cherry Red Records, as a 74-track compilation of material that was released across different indie labels in 1987.  The only rule for featuring is that the act in question has to be making a debut on the blog.

It was the ever-knowledgable Brian from Linear Track Lives who mentioned Egg Records in a recent comment, and that labels pops up within the booklet comments that accompany Track 23 on CD1:-

“This obscure Scottish band comprised Paul McNeil (guitar/vocals), Brian Kane (guitar), Craig Keaney (bass) and Scott Blain (drums). The Submarines’ sole release was the wistful, Weather Prophets-ish “Grey Skies Blue” (backed by the equally wonderful “I Saw The Children”) on Jeff Barrett’s Head label. Sadly, it disn’t launch a glorious career and the band was no more by 1989. However, Jim Kavanagh’s Egg label did an excellent excavation job, raiding the vaults for “Telegraph Signals : Recorded Artefacts 1986-89”

It is indeed a great lost 45 of the era:-

mp3 : The Submarines – Grey Skies Blue

I’ve managed to track down the b-side and it too is well worth a listen:-

mp3 : The Submarines – I Saw The Children

This got me interested in seeking out that Egg Records compilation; turns out it was issued on CD in 2004. There’s only one second-hand copy kicking around on Discogs and the asking price is £30 plus postage from the Phillipines. I think I’ll pass for now…..



3 thoughts on “FROM THIRTY YEARS AGO (4)

  1. blimey these are of a moment in time – b side reminds me of the weather prophets as mentioned. A Side reminds me of some early Bodines

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