This is the only song I know from Endor and its thanks entirely to its being included on Get While The Getting’s Good, a 19-track compilation of Scottish bands that was released on the German-based Aufgeladen Und Bereit label back in 2007.

mp3 : Endor – Hold On

A bit of digging via Bandcamp reveals the band, consisting of Mark Church, Richard Ferguson, Calum Johnston & David McGinty, released a self-titled album in 2010 but Hold On wasn’t part of it.

A bit of further digging reveals that Richard Ferguson and David McGinty are currently in a band called Fake Major and this can be found on wiki:-

Fake Major was formed by David McGinty and Richard Ferguson in 2013. They were former members of the band Endor (2001–2012), which split up after 10 years. Endor consisted of four members, David McGinty (Vocals/Guitar), Richard Ferguson (Drums/Vocals), Calum Johnston (Bass) and Mark Church (Guitar/Vocals).

Endor released an EP “Without the Help of Sparks” and a self-titled album which featured music played with drums, guitars, glockenspiel, harmonica, melodica, organ and rhodes.

A second Endor record was considered but Richard Ferguson and David McGinty, being the main song writers of Endor, decided to start their own project as a duo. McGinty and Ferguson prepared their Fake Major EP before officially announcing the disbandment of Endor.


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