This, rather surprisingly, is the biggest chart success ever enjoyed by Super Furry Animals:-

mp3 : Super Furry Animals – Northern Lites

It reached #11 in the summer of 1999. Now please, don’t get me wrong as I love the song. It was just that I was sure somewhere along the line they must have enjoyed at least one Top 10 hit and that it would have come via a single that was helped along by a decent promo video*; indeed I would probably have bet a fair bit of money that Golden Retriever was the biggest ever hit but it stalled at #13.

There were two high quality b-sides too, one of which made the Robster’s SFA ICA entirely of b-sides back in June 2015.

mp3 : Super Furry Animals – Rabid Dog
mp3 : Super Furry Animals – This, That And The Other

They offer up great examples of the pop and electronica sides of the band. One could easily pass for Teenage Fanclub and the other reminds me of some of the early stuff from later years by Gorillaz……


* if you really want to look at what I reckon is one of the worst promo videos of all time, then just click here.


One thought on “BLOW ME FAR AWAY

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. SFA are one of my favourite bands…ever! and I’ve never understood how this, my least favourite single by them, has ended up imbued with the success of the highest chart-placing. Live, they would often perform it in the style of Big Star…it’s much better. Happy to send you a link…?

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