The next single came out at the height of the summer of 1983 at a time when I was gearing up to move out of the parental home and into my own space within student accommodation. It was also when The Smiths, New Order, Aztec Camera, The The, Billy Bragg, The Style Council and The Go-Betweens were increasingly becoming the bands of choice.  XTC were old hat…..

I will however, say in defence of this Colin Moulding composition, is that I should have bought it back in the day as it would have fitted beautifully onto the compilation tapes that I was making at the time…it’s a gentle and lovely song that has dated fairly well.  But at the time, having only heard it once via radio, I dismissed it immediately and didn’t seek it out.

mp3 : XTC – Wonderland (single edit)

My first exposure to the b-side came as I put this posting together.  It’s certainly a big improvement on the tracks on the previous single and initially I thought it was nothing that I’d come back to all that often.  But three or four listens and it is growing on me.  It’s a good solid b-side.

mp3 : XTC – Jump

I think this was the first XTC single to be issued on Picture Disc.




4 thoughts on “THE XTC SINGLES (Part 17)

  1. I love Wonderland. It is one of those songs I program into playlists to switch gears. It’s one of the more overtly synth led track on Mummer, but it’s also a great piece of songwriting. In fact, I think one of the things that always brings me back to Mummer is the songwriting. Mummer contains some of the most memorable XTC songs for me.

  2. Mmn. The 83-84 songs all seems like a windup for Skylarking to me. But the enthusiasm of my blogbrothers is making me dummy up and re-listen…

  3. Jonny – I get where you’re coming from with relation to a build up for Skylarking, but I like to see this as a period of evolution in the band’s sound which was taking a really natural path…Skylarking would be a very well planned out effort to coalesce their musical vision, even if the band had no clue what they were in for working with Todd Rundgren.

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