I don’t have a music blog of my own but I gather I have something in common with JC and the regular contributors that do: Like you lot I was always the guy people asked to make mix tapes (and, later, playlists) for parties, trips, birthdays, etc.

One of the categories that people liked very much was called Charged Particles. These consisted of songs with one word titles ending with ION. That was the only thing they had in common. Turns out there are tons of them; I’ve got nearly 200 in my iTunes library and they always seem to combine interestingly. I mentioned doing something with the list when I met JC in Manchester and he said, ‘Ask me, I won’t say no, how could I?’

My thinking was that he could plug in a charged particle post when he was away or busy or couldn’t be bothered that day to put up a new one. The posts would be short and sweet and let the music do the talking. JC liked the idea okay and correctly guessed the songs I had in mine for the first one.

And here it is. Remember the only guideline is a single word ending in ion. Can it end in ‘ionS’? No, so no ‘Complications’ by Killing Joke. Does it count if you cram a bunch of words together like ‘StationtoStation’? Nope. How about if the word is preceded or followed by a phrase in parentheses? No, not that either. (Unless I feel like it.) Hyphens? Sure, why not.

Right, here we go: Today’s charged particles are by Manchester’s best or second best band, depending on your preference, in honor of the town where I got to meet the Vinyl Villain, at last:

Joy Division: Transmission
Joy Division: Auto-suggestion
Joy Division: Isolation
Joy Division: Incubation


7 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES…..HERE’S JONNY!!!!!! (1)

  1. Nice idea. Killing Joke obviously made a habit of “ions” songs, as they also recorded Adorations.

  2. Ah, what a great idea, ion-ending titles and by an ion-ending band (and great choices too.) Trivia alert: one of the things I always remember from French study is that the ‘ion’ ( perhaps more specifically the ‘tion’) ending of words is not an English thing but instead originates from French, so (apart from a few exceptions) it’s generally the same word in both languages (and is always feminine). Makes translating a lot easier – just say it in English with a French accent!
    Vive la revolution!

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