I won’t dwell too much on today’s single as I’ve featured it before as part of my 45 45s at 45 series.

Senses Working Overtime was released in January 1982. It remains XTC‘s biggest hit, reaching #10 in the singles charts as well as helping parent double album, English Settlement, hit #5, again the highest chart position of any of their LPs.

It was released on 7″ and 12″ vinyl. The 7″ had a slightly shorter version (by about 15 seconds or so) of the lead song along with two tracks on the b-side. The 12″ had the longer album version of the song plus one extra track on the b-side. It’s a long way from the sound of Science Friction but for me, it is one of the finest pop songs ever committed to vinyl by anyone. An absolute masterpiece.

mp3 : XTC – Senses Working Overtime (edited version)
mp3 : XTC – Egyptian Solution
mp3 : XTC – Blame The Weather
mp3 : XTC – Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)

Egyptian Solution is an instrumental and was the third in the Homo Safari series (see earlier postings).

Blame The Weather is a very fine, if slightly melancholy number dependant more on piano than guitar, written by Colin Moulding that reminds me of later-period Madness.

I’m a fan of Tissue Tigers and feel it could easily have been included on English Settlement in place of one or two of what I feel are a bit filler, as you would expect when a band releases its first ever double LP

The b-side cuts today are taken from the original vinyl singles and are a bit scratchy and hissy in places. I could have gone for cleaner copies via other sources but I thought what the hell…’s about keeping with the spirit of the blog.


9 thoughts on “THE XTC SINGLES (Part 13)

  1. On first hearing Senses Working Overtime and over the decades since, I got a “sense” that something had changed for XTC. They obviously were pushing the goals of what they wanted from their songs and there is a real confidence and maturity to the music.
    I’d love to know what you thought were the filler tracks on English Settlement JC. For me, part of the album’s charm and success is the different moods and approaches the music takes.

  2. Love this and the follow up. Settlement would have made a brilliant single lp , needed a editor. Some songs outstay their welcome a tad

  3. “[i]t is one of the finest pop songs ever committed to vinyl by anyone. An absolute masterpiece.” That says it all.

  4. Someone at some point must have agreed with FORW because English Settlement was a 10-song single album when it was released in America.

  5. Ermm… it was actually released in 1982, not 1980. Don’t want to sound too pedantic, just that a great song deserves the correct context. It’s strange, but 2 years then seemed like an absolute chasm where music and style was concerned. It seems a lot slower now, music and style in 2017 is hardly distinguishable from 2015.

  6. Yacht Dance, Leisure, Knuckle Down, Fly on the Wall and Down in the Cockpit were the tracks not included on that US 10-song version

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