I woke up to the numbing news about the atrocity following the Ariana Grande gig at the Manchester Arena last night.

Offering opinions about music seems so trivial right now and on the way into work I was making plans to close T(n)VV for a few days as I didn’t feel in the mood for any of it, including popping in and out of the other places I try and visit on a regular basis.

But then I thought to myself that such a gesture, small and insignificant it might be, only helps those who carried out this shameful attack on young, happy and carefree music fans.  So this blog is carrying on as normal with the posts that are scheduled over the coming days appearing at the usual times – there’s even a couple of bonus posts in the shape of gig reviews today and tomorrow.

For now, and with thanks to a non-musical mate called John Egan for the inspiration, this is for everyone affected by last night, including every resident of that fantastic city and its surroundings:-


9 thoughts on “ON MANCHESTER

  1. Well said, JC. I have attended many, many gigs at the MEN Arena over the years: it’s the big venue I have visited most. Like everyone else, I was horrified when I heard the news this morning, and I had the same thoughts as you: what significance my rambling opinions on old pop songs today?

    But as with previous terror attacks aimed at music venues, I see this kind of thing as an attack on our culture as much as our country. Politicians will never unite us, but music does. Music can cut across all other boundaries and bring people together who otherwise would have nothing in common at all… other than the love of a good tune. We should stand behind music at a time like this, and stand up for it. It is the very antithesis of terror.

  2. Well said JC. The moment we stop living our normal lives, we’re lost. 6Music played ‘All For One’ by The Stone Roses this morning, not a song that I’ve previously been fond of, but the simple message fitted perfectly in the circumstances.

  3. I just can agree to your words JC. This shameful attack on young Kids who just came to join others at a concert should unite us all. As Rol said – we are all united in good tunes and therefore we have to keep on going our lives even in hard times.

  4. Well said, JC, well said. I’ve been letting my blog drift a bit of late, but if anything this makes me think it’s all the more important to keep on with the positive stuff that unites people, the ties that bind.

  5. As a Manchester band once sang

    There is a light than never goes out

    Stay strong Manchester

  6. My thoughts are with all those who have been affected by last night’s events.

    Sat up last night and watched the rolling news. Like Rol, I’ve been to the Arena many times – in fact my sister was there last week. Although I no longer live in Manchester, I’m not far away and I work in the city a couple of days per week.

    Strangely I hadn’t felt like listening to any music today until I clicked on the One Love link – a fine choice.

    We have to carry on – and we will.

  7. I was going to write something but decided against it. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. Suffice to say, if there’s one city that will survive this, it’s Manchester.

  8. Thoughts and well wishes from California. I had the time of my life in Manchester just one month ago today, and I’ll never forget that fantastic place. Stay strong, everyone.

  9. Spent a very long day yesterday running the shift on the Intensive Care Unit in a Manchester hospital. I got to see what people can do at their worst, and at their best. Throughout the day pizzas, water, sandwiches and all manner of things kept appearing, from whom or where, I’ve no idea.

    I thought I was doing alright, until handing over to the assembled night shift, when I just started crying, which nobody was expecting, least of all me.

    It was the music of Manchester that led me to come here when I was eighteen, and I just never got the bus home. I’ve been to countless gigs in the city, and this could have happened to any one of us or, god forbid, our children.

    I really do believe that there is more that unites us than divides us, music being just a small part of that.

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