I’m wondering if some of the words used in today’s posting will attract folk directed here on the basis of one word typed into a search engine.

The LP cover up above is that of a 1988 LP called Tender Pervert. The act who recorded it is Momus, a Scotsman whose real name is Nick Currie.

He calls himself Momus after the Greek god of mockery. As this wiki entry indicates, he’s been around for a while recording hyper-literate, quirky songs that have been known to blend accessible dance-pop with such heavy lyrical themes as paedophilia, necrophilia and adultery. (That’s just about a fullhouse for pervy bingo….maybe one more to come(ahem))

Actually, the stuff isn’t all that bad. I have in my possesion a copy of Tender Pervert and its by no means the worst purchase I’ve ever made. I must actually get round to giving it a proper review and posting in here some day.

Anyway, the reason I bought it was down to the fact is was cheap in a sale, and I already knew and loved one track from it, thanks to it appearing on a Creation Records compilation entitled Doing It For The Kids (this was when Creation Records was very much a vanity project for Alan McGhee and friends, way before it began to make serious money).  As referenced last year on this very blog.

mp3 : Momus – A Complete History of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)

I’m surprised that the boys and girls from New Order didn’t sue in respect of the tune….

If my stats highlight any unusual paths into TVV over the next few days, I may well draw them to your attention.



  1. Hyper literate quirky dance pop has always been up my alley (no, don’t even go there) and no one does it better than Momus. I seem to have more than 6 albums of his work just in my iTunes! If you ever get the chance, you have to check out his Raw Sex-esque version of Pet Shop Boys So Hard. He’s also done some quite irreverent Bowie covers – Where Are They Now?, Ashes To Ashes and Blackstar.

  2. I’m a big fan of Momus, especially the Creation years. Discogs tells me I have the first eight solo albums plus The Happy Family (first band) some singles and compilations. I still pull my copies out every now and then. The Monsters of Love compilation is very good. I wrote about The Poison Boyfriend here – http://theknockingshop.blogspot.ie/2013/04/top-102-albums-no-25-poison-boyfriend.html and it includes a link to official downloads of the Creation albums and retrospective reviews of the tracks written by Momus himself.

  3. My library turns up only a couple of Momus tunes, but they’re both interesting and worlds apart from each other (as well as from the tune JC posted). An interesting musician, to say the least. Maybe somebody with the goods can serve up an ICA so we can see what he’s all about?

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