Thought it might be worth it 24 hours on, for a bit of fun, to try and pull together all the b-sides from the tracks featured on the Diving For Pearls compilation album.


mp3 : Department S – Solid Gold Easy Action

Originally released as b-side on 7″ of Is Vic There? Demon Records, 1980

mp3 : Stone Roses – Here It Comes
mp3 : Stone Roses – All Across The Sand

Originally released as b-sides on 12″ of Sally Cinammon. Revolver Records 1987. These versions from the 1989 re-release.

mp3 : Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins – Burro

Originally released as b-side on 7″ of Pale Blue Eyes. Swampland Records. 1984

mp3 : Kirsty MacColl – Patrick

Originally released as b-side on 7″ of A New England. Stiff Records 1984

mp3 : Everything But The Girl – Feeling Dizzy
mp3 : Everything But The Girl – On My Mind

Originally released as the b-sides on 7″ of Night and Day. Cherry Red Records. 1982

mp3 : Red Guitars – Paris France

Originally released as the b-side to the second issue of Good Technology. Self Drive Records 1984


mp3 : Sugarcubes – Birthday (Icelandic)

Originally released as the b-side of Birthday. One Little Indian Records. 1987

mp3 : Spacemen 3 : Just To See You Smile (Honey Pt 2)

Originally released as the b-side of Hypnotized. Fire Records. 1989

Mari Wilson – Rave (live version)

Originally released as the b-side of Cry Me A River. The Compact Organisation. 1982

mp3 : The Monochrome Set – Love Goes Down The Drain
mp3 : The Monochrome Set – Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie)

Originally released as the b-sides of Jet Set Junta. Cherry Red Records 1983. Both tracks from a February 1979 session for the John Peel Show

mp3 : The Au Pairs – Diet

Originally released as one of two ‘A’ sides alongside It’s Obvious. 021 Records/Human Records. 1980.

mp3 : Robert Wyatt – Memories Of You

Originally released as the b-side of Shipbuilding. Rough Trade Records. 1983

Sorry if you desperately wanted the Mari Wilson track.



  1. Great idea, JC. I’m still reeling from yesterday’s revelation that A New England never appeared on a Kirsty MacColl album (until Greatest Hits). As I own all her albums, this should have been obvious to me. But it wasn’t.

  2. A great idea for a companion compilation album. I liked the Diving For Pearls album and look forward to listening to this now. Thanks.

  3. Owned the original cassette, played it a lot, still managed to overlook the Au Pairs (for the 2nd time, old enough to know about them but not actually listen to them back in 79) – stumbled across ‘Diet’ about 6 years ago…Argh! what did I miss !? Been caning them on a regular basis ever since (whilst caning myself for being so stupid, but that’s another story!) Nice work JC thanks

  4. The indie snob in me has to point out that Paris, France was the B-side of the reissue of Good Technology rather than the original. Was always astonished that PF and Dive, both cracking live tunes, were only ever B sides. Saw them 4 times – 3 times supporting the Smiths on their first Scottish dates (you must have seen them then?) then one further time as headliners (supported by the Room) at a rather sparsely populated Nightmoves. Astonishing to think that GT sold 60,000 copies and on their own label.

    Sure that they had a competition to update the lyrics to GT for 21st century a couple of years ago (for 30th anniversary maybe?).

  5. To be fair Mike, I did acknowledge that in the piece!! It’s the reissued 45 that I have a copy of which is why I included that particular b-side.

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