David Byrne was born in Dumbarton, Scotland on 14 May 1952. Two years after his birth, his parents moved to Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, and then to Arbutus, Maryland, in the United States, when he was 8 or 9 years old.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s good enough to give him a slot in this series.

His solo career has been a bit patchy compared to his years at the top with Talking Heads, but there’s a few decent moments on most of his records. This is from his 1994 LP which was called David Byrne.

mp3 : David Byrne – Angels

Along with Mrs Villain, I saw him play the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow when he toured this particular LP. To our great surprise and delight he included songs from his old band which made for a pretty special night.



  1. I wondered if this might happen… Alas, Byrne solo has never caught my attention. His involvement with Top Venezuelan Latin/Jazz/Funk band Los Amigos Invisible did rate with me and I remember him standing among the crowd when they played in NYC at S.O.B.’s some 17 years ago. He was like a little kid encouraging them from the crowd.
    As for kevmore’s TH – ICA suggestion, I have one in mind, but it may upset people as it includes nothing from the albums after their first 3.

  2. Ive a few of his solo lps and they all have 2/3 real highlights but a lot of tracks that pass you by. One of those artists that i end up listening to a homemade comp.way more than the actual lps.
    Echon, i have a strange affection for Naked

  3. I enjoyed the material he played at the Union Chapel gig, released on DVD and shown on BBC4 around the time. He does break his own stuff up with a lot of Talking Heads’ on that though.

  4. It may be long lost by now, but I think the first thing I ever contributed to this blog was a bit about Talking Heads. This preceded the ICA series but it was kind of written like one. JC, is that post irretrievable?

  5. Hi Jonny

    I’ve a feeling that was for the old blog and I haven’t come across it on any trawls of through what little of the archives survived Google’s takedown. But fear not, a Talking Heads ICA is on its way soon…

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