Alex left behind this comment yesterday after I posted the 12″ of The American:-

Used to stare longingly up at the section of the Union St Virgin Megastore wall stocked with Simple Minds 12 inch singles thinking I will get them all one day. I never did but bought all the albums.

Even though they have sucked for so long, listening to one of these vintage tracks like this one (in extended form for first time) it’s like being transported back to a happy time.

They are still in this phase my spirit band.

Thanks for the post, JC. If you want to put up any others you may have……(he asks hopefully)

Happy to oblige.

The first Simple Minds single to get the 12″ extended treatment was I Travel. For the purposes of this posting there were a further ten singles released through to those lifted from Sparkle In The Rain, and all with the exception of Love Song were extended in some way from the album versions.

I don’t have all of them with both Promised You A Miracle and Waterfront missing; but here’s the others as requested (with the exception of The American and Speed Your Love To Me as these were posted very recently).

mp3 : Simple Minds – I Travel (12 inch version)
mp3 : Simple Minds – Celebrate (12 inch version)
mp3 : Simple Minds – Sweat In Bullet (12 inch version)
mp3 : Simple Minds – Glittering Prize (club mix)
mp3 : Simple Minds – Someone, Somewhere In Summertime (12 inch version)
mp3 : Simple Minds – Up On The Catwalk (12 inch version)



  1. There are some great live versions of Love Song out there if you look – I have a recording of I Travel and New Gold Dream 81,82,83,84 on cassette somewhere from the Oxford Road show, and there is complete concert from Glasgow Tiffany’s recorded at New Year 1982 for Radio Clyde which is fab. As is this video

  2. I think I have both 12″‘s you are missing, certainly Waterfront, and will send them to VV for posting as soon as possible.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh (contented sigh)

    I always have a wee peak at this site in the morning when I get to the office and, apart from the fact that I went bright red to be given a mention this morning, I was delighted to see the little list of delights I had brazenly requested being granted. Than you so much, JC, you’re a star.

    Been looking forward to listening to them all day and, with kid A at football training and kid B in bed, finally got to indulge in these aural treasures.

    Quick opinions :

    I Travel is obviously a track that could go on for ever and not feel overextended, there is just so damn much to enjoy about it.

    Celebrate and Sweat in Bullet are dense, claustrophobic and cinematic. Magnificent music.

    Someone, Somewhere in Summertime and Glittering Prize are shimmering, golden reminders of my favourite summer album ever.

    Up On the Catwalk is easily the best track off Sparkle in the Rain and to me their last classic.

    Cheers again

  4. Great stuff from a great time. I recall a BBC In Concert where Simple Minds and The Pretenders shared a bill. There was Back On The Chain Gang and Middle Of The Road from Chrissie and The Boys which was utterly blistering. Then The Minds came on and floored everyone with lots of NGD wae live versions of Glittering Prize, Big Sleep etc. It was the most brilliant set of live performances I’d ever seen and still sticks in my mind 35-ish years on.

  5. I believe “Love Song” in both 12″ & 7″ single form was an “edited” 3:54 version!
    Some 12″ versions had a sticker with “Extended Versions”…..not to be!
    Some 7″ & 12” singles had the longer album version.
    Still not sure if these versions are actually a different mix/recording to the album version!?

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