Back in June 2009, the self-titled debut by Lord Cut-Glass was released on Chemikal Underground records. Lord Cut-Glass is none other than Alun Woodward, formerly one-part of the very fine combo The Delgados who were, and remain, hugely popular among the indie-scene cognoscenti.

Having watched fellow-Delgado Emma Pollock release solo records to a fair amount of critical release, many fans were really eager to hear what Alun would come up with. It was known he was going to call himself Lord Cut-Glass (from a character in the play Under Milk Wood) thanks to a song appearing on the 2007 LP Ballad Of The Books in which various Scottish musicians and writers/poets combined to produce songs. Alun worked with the novelist, illustrator and painter Alisdair Gray to bring us this:-

mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass & Alisdair Gray – A Sentimental Song

All rather nice in a folk/pop sort of fashion and it whetted the appetite for more. But it was to be another two years before anything else was heard, and it was a fabulous and quirky single with a very fine b-side:-

mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Look After Your Wife
mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Over It

The album followed soon after. It was a compact piece of work with its 11 tracks extending to just over 37 minutes. It also proved rather different from what his old band had produced….acoustic in nature with a fair bit of strings, brass and piano. It also turned out to be an album that changed tempo a fair few times yet still managed to ensure every song had a hook to get you singing or humming along forever more.

Here’s a couple of examples:-

mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Monster Face
mp3 : Lord Cut-Glass – Big Time Teddy

This was the last music Alun would release for seven years until 2016 when he composed a really accomplished soundtrack for this compelling documentary, which, if you hurry, you can still see on the BBC i-player.

I’m not normally a fan of film/documentary soundtracks as all too often they need the pictures/image to work well, but in this instance the music proves to be more than capable of standing alone and providing a hugely enjoyable and listenable record.    Let’s hope the gap to his next album isn’t anything as long.



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