I’ve written about Echobelly before, back in April 2015, so I’ll spare everyone the biography. It was pleasing to see via the comments back then that others also recalled them with fondness.

This was their third single, released in June 1994 and by creeping into the higher end of the charts at #39 provided their first mainstream success.  It was an ambitious effort – cracking along at a right good pace for the first two minutes before really slowing down for the chorus which is a complete reversal from the formula for most chart hits. It’s also bold in that a band, who were not all that well-known outside of certain music papers, would make such a grandiose and boastful statement in a song title. Loved it at the time and still do although when it popped up via shuffle the other day it was the first I’d heard it in years:-

mp3 : Echobelly – I Can’t Imagine The World Without Me

Here’s the two b-sides:-

mp3 : Echobelly – Sober
mp3 : Echobelly – Venus Wheel

It’s one of those 3-track singles which, while never threatening to change anything about music, was great value and has stood the test of time pretty well.  The former is a fine ballad which shows that Sonya Madan was a fine singer while the latter is a more than adequate pop song that many others would probably have shoved out as a single rather than relegating it to the obscurity of a b-side.


3 thoughts on “AS SONG TITLES GO, IT’S SOME MANIFESTO (Bonus Post)

  1. That song ‘Sober’ is quite a journey. Felt like it was 3 songs in 1. First time I’ve listened to Echobelly – she can really sing. Definitely worth a repeat or 5.

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