If you happen to use a similar browser as mine then underneath this bit of text is Pop Will Eat Itself while the right hand image is Mock Turtles.



In 1989, the grebo/crusty combo finally cracked the Top 40 at the sixth attempt with this:-

mp3 : Pop Will Eat Itself – Can U Dig It? (extended mix)

In 1991, the indie/baggy combo enjoyed a #18 hit with this:-

mp3 : Mock Turtles – Can You Dig It? (extended mix)

Totally different songs by totally different bands but which I bet are often mixed-up in pub quizzes.

And getting down to it boppers, I’m in the PWEI camp in terms of preference, albeit it’s not among their greatest 45s. Mock Turtles is just a wee bit too samey as so many other songs by so many other bands of the same era.

12 thoughts on “WHICH ONE DO YOU DIG?

  1. I love(d) both. The Mock Turtles track originally appeared on their first album ‘Turtle Soup’ which was one of the great overlooked albums of the era. Rather dated today mind, but some great songs on there nonetheless.

  2. I have turtle soup on vinyl and weirdly today I’d put it to one side for converting.
    But PWEI were far superior. The Mock Turtles were pretty famous for being the band which contained Steve Coogan’s brother.

  3. PWEI were never great live even with their golden globe nominated front man. That was part of the appeal.

  4. PWEI. Saw them live in 89, they were good fun. I was wearing a bandanna on my head and trying to chat up a hippy girl from my uni course (she was called Tracy) prior to the Poppies appearing on stage. She commented on my bandanna. I then mistakenly referred to Clint as Clive and my hopes of anything happening with Tracy slipped away…

  5. Listening to both for the first time. I give the nod to…the Turtles (but only for the organ solo).

  6. PWIE for sure! Grebo For Life!! Still want to have tea with Mary Mary from Gaye Byikers On Acid!!!

  7. Oddly, ‘Can You Dig It?’ had already appeared as the b-side of earlier (superior) single ‘Lay Me Down’ before inclusion on Turtle Soup. So for it to come out as a single the following year seemed pointless – a few extra overdubs would hardly make someone buy it for a third time. Clearly either the band or their record label decided it would be their breakthrough song.

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