The first five singles, now readily accepted as bona-fide classics which have more than stood the test of time, were all the work of principal songwriter in the band, guitarist John O’Neill.  None of them, as we have seen, quite made the Top 10.

It was all so different with the next single, released at the very end of March 1980.

My Perfect Cousin spent a total of ten weeks in the UK singles charts.  By week five, it had reached #11.  The following week it climbed one space to give the band its first, and is turned out, only Top 10 hit.  It actually went up another notch to #9 before plummeting all the way down to #29 the following week by which time the band’s second LP, Hypnotised, a record which took up exactly where the debut had ended (albeit we should all draw a veil over the pointless cover of Under The Boardwalk.)

The hit single was written by Damian O’Neill and Michael Bradley, with the latter coming up with most of the lyric which, unlike Jimmy Jimmy, was actually based on someone real. And with the lyrics being reproduced on the rear of the sleeve (which itself is a nod to the Subbuteo table football game referenced in the song), it became a manic favourite in the live setting.

mp3 : The Undertones – My Perfect Cousin

Two more b-sides for you to enjoy, albeit blink and you’ll miss one of them

Hard Luck (Again) is a four-minute plus effort and so is one of the longest songs the band ever recorded.  It starts off with a very glam-rock beat before metamorphosing into something Buzzcocks would be very proud of.  I Don’t Wanna See You Again, at just 46 seconds long, has a tune that the early Clash would be very proud of.

mp3 : The Undertones – Hard Luck (Again)
mp3 : The Undertones  – I Don’t Want To See You Again

Happy New Year. I’ll be around all week with more covers.


3 thoughts on “THE UNDERTONES SINGLES 77-83 (Part 6)

  1. A great song to start the New Year off listening to. When you listen to the lyrics, you KNOW this is about a real person and experiences. We all have a “Kevin” in our families that drives us mad.
    Happy New Year JC! Here’s to another year of great fellowship in the blogosphere!

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