No really, that is a fairly recent picture of Terry Hall sitting on top of these few words.

He’s someone who has mastered the art of the cover version over the near 40 years (!!!!!!) that he’s been involved in music. Like these:-

mp3 : Guy Lombardo & The Royal Canadians – Enjoy Yourself
mp3 : The Specials – Enjoy Yourself

mp3 : Billie Holiday – Summertime
mp3 : The Fun Boy Three – Summertime

mp3 : The Roches – The Hammond Song
mp3 : The Colour Field – The Hammond Song

mp3 : Captain & Tennille – Love Will Keep Us Together
mp3 : Terry, Blair & Anouchka – Love Will Keep Us Together

mp3 : Charles Aznavour – She
mp3 : Vegas – She

mp3 : The Lightning Seeds – Sense
mp3 : Terry Hall – Sense

And while I’m mentioning The Lightning Seeds, here’s a bonus cover:-

mp3 : Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air
mp3 : The Lightning Seeds – Something In The Air



  1. The Hammond song is just gorgeous. Is Sense a cover? Didnt he cowrite? Apols woke up feeling pernickerty

  2. Fair point re ‘Sense’; I was merely thinking that Terry’s version was released after the Lightning Seeds had put the song out there – never occurred to me that his co-writing credit makes it something of an anomaly in the cover stakes.

    It’s a good song though, so no harm done in featuring it.

    Oh and completely agree with your comments on ‘Hammond Song’.

  3. I have to vote for Hall’s version of Sense, with Ian Broudie’s contribution and production over the Lightning Seeds version with Hall’s contribution. But the two are really intertwined by Sense.
    And don’t forget The Colourfield’s version of She by The Monkees…just to make thing even more complicated!

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