Next up is, what I reckon, is a hugely underrated 45 thanks to it having a fabulous hook and cracking sing-a-long chorus.

It was released in October 1979 and was a brand-new song not having featured on the debut LP.   I’m not claiming it’s a bona-fide all-time classic but it deserved to do better than three weeks in the Top 4o with a peak position of #32.

mp3 : The Undertones – You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It)

The b-side, unusually, was a cover version.  It was of a song by The Chocolate Watch Band, an American garage rock band, with The Undertones picking it up as it had been included on the Nuggets compilation LP which they regarded as essential listening.  Mind you, this particular song title is something they could have come up quite easily themselves:-

mp3 : The Undertones – Let’s Talk About Girls

Merry Christmas Everyone. Here’s the long-standing tradition of the day:-

mp3 : Sultans Of Ping  – Xmas Bubblegum Machine

I’m going to be here all week… feel free to drop in any time you like.





5 thoughts on “THE UNDERTONES SINGLES 77-83 (Part 5)

  1. Buon Natale JC. Thanks for all the great music and writing. And that goes to all the contributors too.

  2. Happy Boxing Day to you and your’s JC! Here’s to what needs to be a better 2017. And I look forward to a new year of good conversation and sharing with you and all that follow and pass through TnVV!

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