Having cracked the higher echelons of the charts last time out, the band took the decision to re-record a well-liked song from their debut LP, speed it up so that it wasn’t a million miles away from the tempo of The Ramones, and make it their fourth single:-

mp3 : The Undertones – Here Comes The Summer

Only 1 minute and 45 seconds in length and one which got a load of favourable reviews yet stalled at #34 at the height of the summer of 1979.

There were two new songs recorded for the b-side:-

mp3 : The Undertones – One Way Love
mp3 : The Undertones – Top Twenty

The former has been described by the band as their homage to Last Train To Clarkesville, albeit via a one-note special. Interesting to learn that all the members of The Undertones, like so many kids in Britain who grew up in the last 60s and 70s, got hooked on The Monkees thanks to their TV shows being on constant repeat during the 90 minutes or so that were devoted to children’s TV on the BBC.

The latter is akin to Scottish punksters The Rezillos, with its ‘hey hey hey’ backing vocal.

All in all, three hugely enjoyable songs with a combined running time of a little over six minutes.


2 thoughts on “THE UNDERTONES SINGLES 77-83 (Vol 4)

  1. Ooh, these B-sides are new to me and far from inferior grade. Always loved the A-side. One of those great shorties to cap off a mix tape when there’s just a tiny bit of room left.

  2. Brian, I agree 100% It’s been ages (decades) since I made an actual mix “tape”, but you’re right — it was always nice to fill out that last stretch of tape on a C90. (‘Velocity Girl’ and ‘Cretin Hop’ came in handy that way.) And, like you, all of these Undertones b-sides are new to me. It’s like discovering the band all over again. Brilliant!

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