Sorry for the lack of a posting today.  Been a bit busy at work and things on over a few evenings recently that I couldn’t quite keep on top of things.

I’ve been in Birmingham today on work stuff and will soon be boarding a train back to Glasgow, during which time I will do a bit of catching up including posts for the rest of the week and hopefully reading and enjoying all the stuff that other bloggers have been posting at their place.

Just one thing to add.  Was lucky enough to see The Pixies at Glasgow Barrowlands last Friday.  They were, as the saying goes, the dog’s bollocks.

Late addendum at 11pm

I got reasonably near the front at one point last week….

7 thoughts on “APOLOGIES!!!

  1. There’s a scene in the movie 51st State in which Robert Carlyle uses the phrase “dog’s bollocks” to Samuel L Jackson who is confused as to what that means.
    “So let me get this straight – bollocks is bad, but dog’s bollocks is good?”
    Brilliantly funny movie, btw…

  2. Hope you have found time to catch your NFL team, the Buccaneers, the past few weeks. They are the dog’s bollocks as well. Pixies were great when I saw them six years ago, but Kim was still there… She played the MC and kept things fun while the boys kept quiet. Very happy to hear they are still bringing the goods.

  3. Saw them at Brixton last week, standing in the front row of the mosh pit in my fifties, what was I thinking . Brilliant.

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