I’ve never hidden my love for cover versions having featured many hundreds of them over the years at this and the old blog. Here’s three of the more unusual examples of the genre that I’m fond of:-

mp3 : Black Box Recorder – Uptown Top Ranking

Yup, it is a cover of the #1 single by Althea & Donna back in February 1978…..one that takes what was a perfect pop/reggae single and turns it something quite disturbing and haunting. Not sure how many of you will actually like it, but there’s something quite erotic about the vocal delivery by Sarah Nixey ‘see me in my halter back, see me give you heart attack, give me little bass, let me wind up my waist…’

mp3 : Martin Gore – Loverman

Yup, it’s the fella out of a band that I was never that keen on after Vince Clarke left them….this takes something that was quite disturbing and haunting and turns into something quite poppy and disposable. Not sure how many of you will actually like it….I mean where Nick Cave sounded menacing and a danger to society, this could almost pass as a version you’d hear on Pop Idol or X-Factor.

mp3 : Cake – I Will Survive

The best cover versions are by those bands and singers that take something incredibly well-known and turn into something that something that sounds like one of their own originals (see The Wedding Present on just about every occasion). If you like the sort of stuff churned-out over the years by Californian alt-rock act Cake, then you’ll adore this. If you consider the disco-classic to be sacred, you’ll hate it. For the record, I adore the original, but I want to be counted in, if not quite a loverman of the cover, then an admirer.


7 thoughts on “KARAOKE KLASSICS

  1. I love the cake version of I will survive. It used to be staple indie disco fodder when I was at uni.
    Must be time for another covers week on tnvv??

  2. Cake’s Version of I will survive is probably the best interpretation a disco-classic could get. And I can only agree: Another covers next week on tnvv!

  3. The band I used to play in covered I Will Survive in the style of Cake. I hated it. People went mad for it, but it completely overshadowed our own material. I now have an intense dislike of this song, but MrsRobster often spontaneously sings it sub-consciously (well, the first three of four lines, anyway)…

  4. And the public shall get what the public demands.

    Two weeks of covers will be slotted in over the Festive Period from 26 December. Deal????

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