From wiki:-

Douglas Veitch, better known as Champion Doug Veitch (born 1960, Hawick, Scotland) is a Scottish musician and songwriter.

The self-styled ‘King of Caledonian Swing’ rose to some prominence in the mid 1980s.A favourite of John Peel, for whom he recorded two radio sessions, he holds the record for having most (six) consecutive NME singles of the week. His music was a ground-breaking polycultural mix, using elements from dub, reggae, country Music and Scottish folk music, which foretold the cross cultural mixing more common in later years.

In 1985, he co-founded the label DiscAfrique with his colleague Owen Elias, which was one of the first world music labels in the United Kingdom, releasing records by The Bhundu Boys, Orchestre Baobab and The Four Brothers amongst others.

In 1989, he released an album of Scottish country dance music with his wife under the moniker Martin, Doug and Sara.

And from his own website, a more recent update:-

In 1989, Doug released a compilation album, “The Original”, which included all the singles plus tracks from radio sessions.

This album featured all of Doug’s musical influences, from Country, Reggae, Mariachi, Western Swing, Cajun through to the High Life guitar music of Ghana. The album gained much media attention from the press. Despite renewed interest, Doug remained a virtual recluse and could not be persuaded to perform live.

However, in the summer of 2014, Doug replied to a Facebook post from Pete Lawrence (Making Waves) regarding “Reeling” – an album of Scottish dance music that Doug had released with Martin Bell. This led to a discussion on the prospect of playing a live gig. After a gap of some thirty years and largely due to the efforts of Martin in sourcing a truly all-star band, in February 2015, Champion Doug Veitch made a “triumphant and joyous” return at the 100 Club in London.

I only own a couple of the singles from the 80s and one of these has featured previously on the blog. So here’s the other:-

mp3 : Champion Doug Leitch – Jumping Into Love

From 1985. It didn’t chart.


  1. Well really! CDV deserves rather more than a post (doubtless lovingly) cobbled together from wonkypedia and his own (bit inactive) website. As for CD Leitch – where did that mis-spelling come from? Man up! Several ICAs please, now! Jesse Rae next? No more R.E.M. twattery PLEASE!

  2. Sr John

    I think it’s pretty obvious that my having just one single makes it obvious I know very little about CDV and so relying on cut n paste jobs is a necessity this time round. I do apologise however, on the fact that spellcheck changed me typing Veitch to Leitch and not picking it up. Schoolboy error on my part.

    If you want to contribute rather than snipe from the sidelines then feel free to send over an ICA, with accompanying tracks, and I’ll willingly post it for all to read, listen and enjoy.

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