I’m taking a wee bit of a breather this week.

Today’s posting is one from the vaults while the next four days will see sundry guests step up to the plate, including a few superbly diverse ICAs.

I’m doing so as I’ve a couple of guest postings of my own over at S-WC and Badger’s place and I don’t want to hog things. If you haven’t been across to look at The WYCRA 200 then you really are missing out on some ridiculously good tunes long with some of the best writing you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

#65 on the rundown came courtesy of SWC’s dad, and it was the rather wonderful Downtown by Petula Clark. Reading it made me dig out this piece of my own from December 2009:-

“Just heard that the Cowell hit-making machine has been stopped, temporarily, in its tracks with the news that Rage Against The Machine are grabbing the Xmas #1.

If we’re going to manage to do the same next year, we need to get behind one track. There will be some out there who ask that it be The Pogues, others will want Slade…..we might even get behind the Sex Pistols in an effort to give them the #1 they were denied in Jubilee Year in 1977.

I’d like to suggest what I reckon is THE best Christmas single ever……

Here’s what the NME of 28 November 1987 had to say:-

From sample Wonderland to Get Down town, the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu power on. Here, the Kings of the Greengate Sampler have hired the talents of the London Community Gospel Choir, received permission to use Petula Clark’s classic, and fireballed the two, along with their own rap, into one massive hell-hating holler of a song.

Whereas ‘Whitney Joins The Jams’ was a tale of simple sample fantasy, ‘Down Town’s’ lyrics question the inadequacies and inconsistencies of society in the same demanding way ‘All You Need Is Love’ first fingered the confusion and hysteria surrounding AIDS.

Deep down in the mix amidst the sleigh bells, the church organ and the police sirens King Boy can be heard bouncing questions like rubber bricks off the walls of “Glory, what Glory? In a wine-bar world? In a tenement block? OK let’s hear it” crows the Clydeside MC.

The Jams may not be the hippest, sanest or sweetest band to stalk the earth this year, but they’re certainly the most imaginative…..firing a trail so shocking they couldn’t have kept you more on your toes if they stuffed a hand grenade up your ass and sent you to tap dance in a pair of stilettos!

mp3 : The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – Downtown (12 inch version)

OK….there’s a real 80s feel to much of the production but it doesn’t detract from the fact that Bill Drummond was a genius then, is a genius now and will be a genius forever.

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