This was the second successive UK #1 for Blondie, in May 1979, just a few months after Heart Of Glass.

mp3 : Blondie – Sunday Girl
mp3 : Blondie – Sunday Girl (French Version)
mp3 : Blondie – I Know But I Don’t Know

They didn’t get the hat-trick however, as the next release, Dreaming stalled at #2 some 17 months later.

But Blondie would go on to enjoy another three #1 hits in 1980, making them, without question, the most commercially successful band of the era.

And with the unexpected success of Maria, they would also go on to have a sixth song reach #1 come 1999. Not sure if nineteen years between #1 singles is some sort of record or not….particularly when it involves a new and not re-released song. Can’t be bothered looking it up though.

Oh and it was pure chance that a band from NYC was scheduled to feature the day after I found the space for the lastest treat from JTFL and Echorich.


  1. Agree about the A-side. The B-side is another story. Chrysalis was a crap label that just coupled album tracks on 7″s. “I know But I Don’t Know” is a track from Parallel Lines, but it’s a great song and the ONLY one of the band’s releases written solely by its under-appreciated guitar hero, Frank Infante.

  2. In the UK, the record between No. 1 songs goes to The Hollies but with a caveat. It was 23 years between their first top hit “I’m Alive” in 1965 and their next top hit, the re-release of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” in 1988.A re-release seems like a cheap parlor trick, especially given it was a hit the first time around, but that’s the official word.Sunday Girl, Heart of Glass, Dreaming and Maria are all tops in my book.

  3. I think Dreaming was a bit closer than 17 months after Sunday Girl as it preceded the late ’79 release of the Eat To The Beat album. 2 singles that I’ve never fallen out of love with.

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