Mrs CTel writes: This is my last posting so I thought I’d blow all (any?) credibility and go down in blaze of gold lame. Grab your hairbrush, flick your fringe, and sing along: “if you judge a book by its cover, then you judge the look by the lover. I hope one day you’ll recover. Me – I go from one extreme to another.” Pure poetry! Martin Fry may be hanging onto his former glory by his fingernails these days…but then so am I. Suppress your cynicism, dig out the glitter ball and enjoy the ride. It’s been fun.

mp3 : ABC – The Look of Love

JC adds in 2016….

the photo used above is randomly lifted from t’internet.  I’m guessing they are models posing for some sort of publicity shot.

Back in 2008, the CTels supplied a really beautiful photograph to go with the original posting.  I don’t think however, it would be appropriate to use it again all these years later .  It’s just too sad and those of you who followed ctel back then, and indeed visited my own place in the early days, will know what I’m on about.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the little trip down nostalgia lane these past few days.  I’m due back in Glasgow soon and will post some of own ill-informed rubbish again as of tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “DANCE MUSIC FOR INDIE KIDS (PT 5)

  1. Anything from Lexicon Of Love is worth a trip down memory lane, worth suspending reality and a minor percentage of self respect to enjoy the abandon of crooning along with Mr. Fry.
    Wonderful mini-series! Thanks JC and thanks C-Tel!!!

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