Second in the series where Mrs CTel explains which dance tracks indie kids should go for. Today, handbags at the ready for Faithless.

The three principal members of Faithless are: Maxwell Frazer AKA Maxi Jazz (Conscious Rap) Ayalah Bentovim AKA Sister Bliss (Music) Roland Armstrong AKA Rollo (Producer, Music). Many of the songs are sung by Pauline Taylor.

Jamie Catto was originally part of the group but left after the release of the second album “Sunday 8PM”.

Zoë Johnston joined for the album “Outrospective”.

Their first album, 1996’s “Reverence”, was an underground sensation but did not quite break the mainstream. 1998’s “Sunday 8PM” changed all of that, the single “God Is a DJ” became a big club anthem while the album enjoyed bigger sales than anything they had previously released. Critics may have been harsh, but the group kept moving forward with both members also pursuing solo careers on the side.

Mrs CTel’s choice is “God is a DJ”:

Faithless are an annoying lot when it comes to amazing tracks that build up frustratingly slowly and then burst into a glorious combination of rhythm and melody. That’s why they’re so fabulous live – they get straight to the good bit and then play expertly around with the sound. Try to access inner peace as the introduction signals great things to come but doesn’t deliver until full hair-tearing minutes later. It is well worth it but do get a version where the full dance part doesn’t disappear moments after its just got into its stride. Otherwise inner dance-floor karma will turn into outer world irritability.

mp3 : Faithless – God Is A DJ (Serious Danger Mix)

mp3 : Faithless – God Is A DJ (Astral Projection Mix)

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