February 78 had seen them hit the charts with What Do I Get?. The following month saw the debut LP Another Music In A Different Kitchen hit the shops and to many a surprise, none of the old singles were included among its eleven tracks.

The record label were keen to promote the LP with a single. The band weren’t too keen – they were already well advanced with plans to get a second album im the can and new songs were earmarked for singles. But in the end two of the ‘Kitchen’ tracks were chosen and put out as a single a full month after the LP had gone on sale. The sleeve was also a bit on the lazy side – unarguably the least attractive of them all.

mp3 : Buzzcocks – I Don’t Mind
mp3 : Buzzcocks – Autonomy

In the circumstances, reaching #55 wasn’t too bad.

4 thoughts on “BUZZCOCKS SINGLES 77-80 (Part 4)

  1. Two of my favorite Buzzcocks songs! I Don’t Mind still speaks to the latent 15/16 year old in me. Autonomy has a classic guitar gallup and had a way of making an unsure teenager feel he could conquer anything.

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