I know its not Sunday, but you get the drift……don’t you??

One Dove were a Scottish act founded in 1991, and comprised the vocal talents of Dot Allison, and the musical brains of Jim McKinven and Ian Carmichael (the former had been part of Altered Images in the early 80s).

They were around for no more than 3 years, during which time four singles and one LP were recorded. Their sound was a mixture of pop, dub, ambiance and rock. I’ve only one CD single in the collection and it dates from 1993. Its a track that reminds me an awful lot of parts of Screamadelica, but in a sense that’s hardly a surprise given that Andrew Weatherall was heavily involved with the band at this point in time.

There’s four mixes available on the CD, and all of them are well worth a listen.

The one common feature is Dot’s wonderful dual-delivery which to me sound like the silky poptones of Sarah Cracknell backed by a manic Kate Bush. The radio mix is the most accessible, coming in at just over four-and-a-half minutes, and it was worked on by Stephen Hague who delivered many a chart hit in the 80s and 90s. But I particularly like the 10 minutes plus of the ‘Guitar Paradise’ Mix’ which shows just how close the relationship between rock and dance can be – when in the right hands.

mp3 : One Dove – White Love (Radio Mix)
mp3 : One Dove – White Love (Lonesome Demo)
mp3 : One Dove – White Love (Weatherall’s Guitar Paradise Mix)
mp3 : One Dove – White Love (Weatherall’s Meet The Professionals Dub)

This one’s for ctel aka Acid Ted.

I’ve found four back-to-back contributions he made to the old blog back in November 2008 when my PC went on the blink and he (and indeed his good lady) stepped into save the day and keep the daily postings going; and later this month, when I’m over in Toronto, they’ll be used to help out again.   I think you’ll enjoy what they said…..


  1. Love One Dove, digging out my 1992 Weatherall live DJ set tape (featuring One Dove tunes) for tonight’s living room raving 🙂

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