Sharkboy were a Brighton-based band, much-loved and championed by Brett Anderson.

They initially consisted of Avy (vocals, guitar), Adrian Oxaal (guitar, cello, keyboards), Alan Stirner (guitars, percussion) and Jessica Fischer (bass, cello). They signed to Nude Records with a debut single Crystaline being released in November 1993, after which came Razor in February 1994, Neither single sold well despite some reasonably good press and a series of high-profile support gigs to label mates Suede.

Debut album Matinee flopped after which the band took stock, adding three new members at the expense of one and tried again the following year. Four more non-hit singles and a poorly selling sophomore album, which also included contributions on violin from Dickon Hinchcliffe of Tindersticks, saw them call it a day before 1995 was out.

Adrian Oxall would enjoy success with James whom he joined in 1996, going on to play on three albums – Whiplash, Millionaires and Pleased To Meet You.

The critics likened Sharkboy to Mazzy Star and Drugstore, presumably on the basis of having a breathy female vocalist over tunes that weren’t the most commercial. There’s one single in the collection:-

mp3 : Sharkboy – Razor

Three more oddly compelling tracks on the CD (I’m picking up touches of PJ Harvey and The Auteurs) which, according to the sticker still on the plastic case, cost me 99p:-

mp3 : Sharkboy – Bright Things Lie
mp3 : Sharkboy – Dear Gilda
mp3 : Sharkboy – Show Me Now



  1. I haven’t listened to them in ages, but I loved both albums so much back in the day. Both albums were quirky and compelling. I agree on the PJ Harvey comparison with Dear Gilda – it has the same driving energy.

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