Just spent two or so hours browsing round Across The Kitchen Table. I did so as part of my efforts to catch up with everyone’s work over the past four months as I’ve been unable to find enough time to read what others are saying while keeping this place going and dealing with work etc. That’s three of the blogs down but many more to go.

Drew is one of the best bloggers out there in terms of the breadth of music on offer. You might not be the biggest fan of the songs he posts one day but rest assured he’ll be along very soon with an absolute belter. He wrote rather wonderfully the other day about this single from 1984:-

mp3 : Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – That Summer Feeling

It came out in the UK on Rough Trade Records.

I later picked up an alternative, longer and even more languid version of the song courtesy of its inclusion on a sort of best-of compilation:-

mp3 : Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – That Summer Feeling (alt)

I veer towards the single version in terms of a personal preference but there’s something rather lovely and laidback about the alt version.

Oh and yesterday’s featured Scottish act did a rather lovely cover. There’s a lovely backing vocal courtesy of Norman Blake:-

mp3 : BMX Bandits – That Summer Feeling



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