I’ve subjected you to a couple of songs these past two days that have extended out to ridiculous amounts of time.  I’ll make it up to y’all by delving into the i-tunes and finding some really short stuff with the qualification that they need to be full songs and not just extracts. Oh and they also need to be of quality:-

mp3 : Half Man Half Biscuit – Vatican Broadside
mp3 : Violent Femmes – Old Mother Reagan

Both clock in at just 30 seconds.

mp3 : Wire – Brazil

You’ll need your full powers of concentration to get through its 40 seconds.

mp3 : Elastica – Annie
mp3 : Talulah Gosh – Break Your Face
mp3 : The Style Council – Mick’s Blessings
mp3 : Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Let Her Go Into The Darkness
mp3 : The Vaccines – Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

All at less than 80 seconds.



  1. I’ve used both ‘Vatican Broadside’ and ‘Old Mother Reagan’ to plug short gaps at the end of compilation tapes in my time. ‘Love You More’ by Buzzcocks and ‘Stephen Does’ by The Swell Maps also came in useful.

  2. I’ve used both of The Swede’s choices as well. Ah the precision of programming 45 minutes of music on the side of a ferro-oxide cassette…good times…

  3. Sorting my iTunes by song length I remember how much I used to indulge in anarcho thrash punk: Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies and Conflict, all masters of the sub 90 second pop tune. Clocking in at 81 secs also came across the classic Mansion by The Fall.

  4. Album version of Outdoor Miner concluded many of my mix tapes, clocking in at 1:45. With Lee above on Velocity Girl too. Nice choices, JC.

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