The above is one of my favourite sleeves and when I was younger and much much skinnier, I always thought it would have made for a great t-shirt.  Actually, I still think it would make a great t-shirt..  but I have to accept that it just wouldn’t look stylish at all on me.

It’s from a single released back in 1983, and a copy of the 12″ has been part of my collection all that time.  The thing is, I’m not actually all that fond of the 12″ cut as the extra three and a bit minutes beyond the 7″ (and album version) take something away from it.  It veers to being a tad self-indulgent.  But feel free to disagree:-

mp3 : Paul Haig – Heaven Sent (7″)
mp3 : Paul Haig – Heaven Sent (12″)

While I’m here, I’ll also shove up the b-side which sees Paul’s cover of a Sly Stone song segue effortlessly into one of own songs and between them run to six minutes. It’s passable……

mp3 : Paul Haig – Running Away/Back Home



  1. Worth noting that this track came from a 1983 state of the art New York Club Friendly Alex Sadkin produced album. It fitted right in to the times, there were TV appearances galore, glossy record sleeves featuring glamorous female models…. And all from the lead singer of Scots indie Postcard band Josef K. Indeed the song was a reworked Josef K number. The weird thing was Paul was hotly tipped to succeed. Rhythm of Life was actually a great album not disimilar to Arthur Baker produced New Order circa Shellshock. Other great singles followed, Never Give Up (Party Party) and in particular Justice, which was my absolute favourite track of that year. Should have been No 1 for weeks like Chant No 1 or something. Paul had a Scots superstar touring band at the time also: Ross, McClymont, Rankine….but alas The project failed to spawn a hit single and make Paul the star he should have been. To this day ROL has not seen a CD release. After this Paul returned to Les Disques Du Crepuscule and recorded The Warp of Pure Fun, which is has as many great songs as ROL, and is probably a slightly superior album, with Paul going down a more expected route than the dance floors of the Big Apple that ROL had explored. It was produced with Rankine and is a high water mark for both of them. Hooky from New Order produced the Only Truth, then there was Big Blue World, whose video was featured on the Tube and which again should have been a smash. heaven Help You Now and Love Eternal were other great singles while album closer Love and War may be my favourite ever PH track. Or maybe not…There is more good stuff after, Something Good but in hindsight Paul Haig is just a guy who came so close to success the right way, with complete integrity intact. I just wrote this because I would like him to Know that I for one appreciate him. He is a true star.

  2. Hi Anon.

    Many thanks for such a great contribution. I hope it didn’t come across that I wasn’t a Paul Haig fan -nothing could be further from the truth. I just don’t like the 12″ version of this great single.

    It’s a pity my old blog was taken down by google as it had loads of stuff related to Paul on it, not least when I tried to organise something called ‘Paul Haig Day’ across various blogs as a thank you to him, not just for all the geat music he’s released over the years but for the fact that he was willing to embrace bloggers freely putting his music out there when many of us were under attack for alleged piracy.

    I’ve one bit of news to pass on to you – ROL has had a CD release, certainly here in the UK:-


    I’ve a copy to go with the original vinyl from all those years ago. I’ll try and dig out and re-post my views on ROL from the old blog if I can access it from the few archives I can get into. Cheers.


  3. Hey hey: ROL is available on CD? Fantastic. I will order right away. Why did I think it was Hooky and not Barney? I dunno but stand corrected. I was aware of Paul Haig day but had no idea it was you who organised it, JC. Should have guessed. Hats off to you, my good man. Ps I am not anon I am Alex, was so in the zone with my passion for Mr Haig I forgot to put in my name on post.

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