A wee treat for y’ll today (or maybe not as there will be some, indeed possibly many, who just don’t get Bis and will be appalled by this particular release).

The Optimo Singles Club was a short-lived Glasgow label which was an offshoot of a very famous Sunday-night club here in the city. The club was founded in 1997 and ran until 2010. I never went near it, for at the age of 34 I genuinely believed my clubbing activities were over, although I was more than familiar with its venue – the Sub Club – which was famous for opening its doors and making its floor available to all sorts and styles of music, including indie ever since 1987 (when I was of an age to go inside!!).

Anyways….in 2002, the Optimo Singles Club released an EP called Fact2002 on which could be found Bis doing electro-flavoured cover versions of songs originally released on Factory Records. And here they are:-

mp3 : Bis – Love Will Tear Us Apart
mp3 : Bis – Hurt
mp3 : Bis – Shack Up
mp3 : Bis – Looking From A Hilltop


3 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG :#33 : BIS

  1. You can count me as one of those people described in your first paragraph in brackets. Sorry JC, but Bis are one of the worst bands I’ve ever seen.

  2. They are however Robster the biggest band ever to have come out of Thornliebank!

  3. I remember the boys, when they were boys, when I helped run the BB that they were both members of. Both good kids.

    That was in Giffnock, not Thornliebank, Chic. 🙂

    I could never take to their music though.

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