I’m on a hiding to nothing this week for no matter what I pick it will not come close to the gems that Sid Law shared with us in his guest series on the late, great Billy MacKenzie.

Thought I’d go with one of covers as it’s quite lovely:-

mp3 : Billy Mackenzie – Wild Is The Wind

The most famous version was of course that by David Bowie who included it on Station to Station back in 1976. Billy’s version was released posthumously and is a sad reminder of what great voice he was in, even during his most troubled days.


  1. I was in Edinburgh last weekend, at a small party in Leith, and who got up to play fiddle and guitar? Kenny Brady, who supported Billy in the last days of his life and wrote Winter Academy with him, from the same LP as Wind Is The Wind, Transmission Impossible.

  2. Never heard this before. Wild Is The Wind is one of my very fave Bowie tracks (and yes, I realise he covered it, but he made it his own) – his vocal is stunning. So it was with trepidation I played Billy’s version. Loved it. Very different to Dave’s, as you’d expect, but nicely done.

  3. A great version of a great song. Probably every one my age knows, or shame on you, the David Bowie version. What is worth doing is finding the Johnny Mathis version from the soundtrack of the film of the title. Then, listen to Nina Simone singing it. Four great versions of one great song – I enjoy and love each one.

  4. The perfect voice for a perfect song. This one always closes any BM playlist I create.

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