It’s been an incredible week here in the UK after the unbelievable outcome of the EU Referendum.  I’ve avoided making any sort of observations or comment on the basis of not really knowing how best to articulate how I feel about it all.

And then, I was informed that Stanley Odd have released this as a single today:-

If you don’t know much about this Edinburgh-based six-piece, then I suggest you spend time over here.

I own a copy of their 2012 LP Reject – I actually won it via a raffle at fundraiser for another band a couple of years back – and while I found it to be a bit of a mixed bag, there was more to enjoy than endure.

I didn’t however invest in the 2014 follow-up A Thing Brand New, although many of my fellow music lovers from round these parts have sung its praises.

This new single, which I will be buying via download as soon as I get back home from the office, is an absolute belter – hip-hop that can’t be from anywhere else but round these parts.  It clearly comes with a warning not to play in places where folk get offended about strong language.


  1. I too have struggled to find words that fully describe the level of despair I’m feeling post-referendum. I actually broke down in tears while doing the washing up the other evening, when Marc Riley played Buzzcocks’ ‘I Believe’ on the radio – that doesn’t usually happen. The Stanley Odd track is brilliant.

  2. I am not a massive fan of Hip Hop and scottish ip hop would be further down the list BUT I heard these guys getting played in Vox Box in edinburgh Then got the album and 12 inch single Went to see them in Glasgow and was blown away with the gig ( They have so much fun judging by the smiles on their faces )
    This will be bought as soon as i see it
    Ps the tee shirt ( Stay Odd ) is my favourite off all my many tee shirts

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