All three of these songs have been featured on this blog in the past, but not as one posting.

The single was released in October 1988 but again failed mysteriously to give The Go-Betweens a hit single.

mp3 : The Go-Betweens – Was There Anything I Could Do?

As the heading of the post indicates, the single came with more than decent b-sides. Here’s those from the 12″ release:-

mp3 : The Go-Betweens – Rock n Roll Friend
mp3 : The Go-Betweens – Mexican Postcard



The blog has sort of taken a bit of a back seat in recent weeks as I’ve spent loads of time either watching football on the telly or making the most of the light nights and playing golf.  With Euro 2016 coming to a conclusion soon (i.e. there’s not games on the telly every night!), I’m hoping to crank things up again in the coming days including a few guest ICAs that have been sent in.





  1. I’m in the same boat but with the exception of the golf JC
    It has been a struggle finding the time

  2. now that england are knocked out, you’ll have plenty of time to concentrate on the blog, right? 😉

  3. The first time I heard this song was in ’88 when a friend of mine gave me a Capital cassette sampler sent to the record store where he worked, On it were two songs from 16 Lovers Lane, two from Mainstream, two from Blue Bell Knoll and two from The Stars We Are. I ended up buying all four albums in short order. That tape certainly did its job.

  4. More timeless pop classicism and great songwriting from the Go Betweens on these three tracks. This is what gives them their longevity in terms of fans like us. It was also their undoing in terms of hits. If they sound timeless today that means they have not dated which also means they did not back in their day have the prevailing contemporary pop sound, which is to say obviously commercial to the point of being crass, hook driven and gimmicky.

    And God bless them for being themselves, for being a different flavour. I love them. As I said at the top, timeless.

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