Dave’s OCD EP (see two posts further up the page…above the  Cinerama effort!!!) has clearly prompted this stroll down memory lane.

It began in February 2011 when I went along to a gig at King Tut’s at the suggestion of Drew (Across The Kitchen Table); there was a huge buzz about a band called Spector and we both wanted to see what the fuss was about. To be honest, they were dull and not worth bothering about.

But we were both taken by the appearance of one of the support bands – Father Sculptor – and in the subsequent review of the gig on the old blog I raved about them. To my total surprise, an e-mail appeared in the Inbox a few days later from the band, not only thanking me for the kind words but telling me they were avid readers of The Vinyl Villain and it had meant a lot to them to get a mention.

Thus began regular exchanges of correspondence – I was usually among the first to get a listen to their new material which they would in due course post online at their website, always without fail giving it very positive mentions on the blog. The bands consited of five young men, all studying in Glasgow, although none were actually from the city. In time, they began to get a wider press with positive write-ups in the NME and The Guardian newspaper, as well as a range of web-based music outlets.

The band scrimped and saved towards their ambition of actually making a physical record instead of merely making things available as downloads and I was thrilled, delighted and honoured when they asked if I could promote a show for them in Glasgow for the launch of what would be a self-financed debut EP on 12″ vinyl.

The gig took place in Stereo on Saturday 13 April 2013. There was a more than decent turnout and the boys played a terrific set. I spent some time with them the following morning during which it hit me that they were on the verge of greatness but there were some things that could easily tear them apart – one being they weren’t a completely cohesive unit and so there were bound to be fall-outs, especially given how young and relatively inexperienced they were; secondly they would soon be facing up to a situation where they were no longer students and the pressure would be on some if not all of them to find employment which would bring its own pressures to bear.

As it turned out, their wasn’t much more after the release of the EP, with Dave’s post earlier pulling the various threads together. There’s many a band out there like Father Sculptor who, having shown great early potential and in their case getting some amazing stuff out there via the internet and on vinyl, don’t get what they fully deserve. I do miss them.

Here’s some of the stuff that came out between 2011 and 2013:-

mp3 : Father Sculptor – Artiside
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Ember
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Blue
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Rhein
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Frances
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Dysmirror
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Lowlands (radio edit)
mp3 : Father Sculptor – The Swim
mp3 : Father Sculptor – Sault


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