That was one of the descriptions meted out to Hey! Elastica, a short-lived but rather wonderful Edinburgh band from the early 80s who I featured more than a few times over on the old blog before google had its evil way with it.

There was a huge hype about them – visually they were quite stunning, while the sound they mad was tailor-made for radio play. The indie kids and students loved the sound and yet it had the potential to crossover to younger folk more in tune with mainstream pop.  Jacques the Kipper was, like me, rather fond of them as we would discover many years later when we bonded over our tastes in music.

Hey! Elastica signed what I’m led to believe was a rather substantial contract with Virgin Records. Four flop singles and one flop album later, it was all over. October 1982 was the debut single and March 1984 was the LP. Seventeen crazy and wild months that left us with no more than 14 different songs and a load of happy memories for those of us lucky enough to ever catch them live. They could have been and should have been the Scottish B52s.

Here’s each of the singles……………

Debut Single

mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Eat Your Heart Out (12″ version)
mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Clay Hips (First Movement) (12″ version)

Second Single

mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Suck A Little Honey (12″ version)
mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Suck A Little More

Third Single

mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Party Games
mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Elastican Chant No.2

Final Single

mp3 : Hey! Elastica – This Town (12″ version)
mp3 : Hey! Elastica – That Town
mp3 : Hey! Elastica – Twist That Town

The other 8 songs that made it onto the sole LP are available on request….


  1. Count me as a fan too, JC. I have all but one the 12″ singles, as well as the album, and the one single I don’t have seems to be the same as the album version. Great to see them all posted today. Big smile.

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