Back in 2014, I had a short running series in which I invited readers to submit a few words on their personal cult classics – songs which were largely unknown for the most part but which really should have been massive hits.

The problem with having a hotmail address is that sometimes things go into my Junk folder and I don’t pick them up when I trawl through them. That’s what I think happened to Walter‘s submission for the series…but he was prompted to resend the e-mail after The Mekons recent appearance in the ICA series. Here’s what he had to say:-

Hi JC,

as announced this morning I give you my personal Cult Classic.

‘Where Were You’ by The Mekons was released in 1978 on FAST 7.

The Mekons earned a true fan-community over the years in many places in the world. But I won’t call this a mainstream success. Back in the late 1970s I got  in touch with that so called punk rock genre and one of the first singles was this one by The Mekons.

It had everything I love on this kinda music. It was rough with good and simple chords, the voice of Jon Langford who
made me believe that every word he’s singing was true. And at least ‘Where Were You’ was one of the few songs that tells you a lot in less verses.

If this song should not fulfill your criteria, please let know me and I will contrive something else.

Best wishes for your new series!

Huge apologies my friend for letting you down all those years ago. Better late than never though….

mp3 : The Mekons – Where Were You?

Enjoy.  And drop in at Walter’s place and say hi.


  1. MrsRobster and TheMadster followed the recent BBC drama The A Word (about an autistic child). Madster wanted me to compile songs from the soundtrack for her. I hesitantly researched the show and, to my surprise, discovered it had an absolutely amazing soundtrack. This track was one of many punk and new wave classics featured. To my shame, I realised I had never owned it in any form, so bought the MP3 there and then.

    I reckon a reboot of this series might be a good call JC. It’ll keep things ticking over through the summer when you’ll no doubt be taking a well-earned rest…

  2. See, see …. now finally I can stop wondering about whatever happened to my 12-sided essay about that first U2 single, this much neglected masterpiece of true musicianship !!

  3. If he gets U2, then I demand that my BA Robertson thinkpiece gets an airing.

    Perhaps controversially, I always preferred the Three Johns to the Mekons. Both had their moments, but the 3Js had more for me.

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