R-12171-1354715896-7133.jpegNew Order had released a belter of a debut single in Ceremony.  The follow-up hit the shops in September 1981:-

mp3 : New Order – Procession

It was quite similar to a number of the tracks on the debut LP Movement and it wasn’t a huge shift away from the Joy Division sound albeit it did highlight that with Bernard Sumner was a completely different sort of vocalist from Ian Curtis.

I bought the only copy of this single that my local record shop had and it came in a cardboard sleeve with a strange green design which I thought alluded to the title of the b-side. I soon discovered that it had been released in nine different coloured sleeves and while I wanted to own every single one of them, there was no way an 18-year-old student, who that month had just started university, was going to waste valuable vodka money on something as unworthy as a 7″ bit of plastic.

The b-side was a precursor to what New Order would become within a few months – a band of their own right delivering electronic dance-music.

mp3 : New Order – Everything’s Gone Green

This is ripped right from vinyl folks and is a bit shorter than the versions generally available on compilation LPs, so please forgive the fact that there’s also a wee skip and a jump about 3mins in…..

Oh and here’s the other eight sleeves in miniature:-










  1. I always thought this was a double A-side rather than an A and a B. Oddly, the 12″ had Everything’s Gone Green as the A side and two totally different tracks on the flip, no Procession at all. The ‘Substance’ compilation only included EGG on the vinyl, while the cassette and CD versions had the b-sides and that’s where Procession appeared.

    For what it’s worth, I have the blue sleeve…

  2. Robster….it could well be that it was a double-A side but Procession was most certainly seem as the ‘lead’ track when it was released. That the band went on and made more music akin to E’sGG perhaps led to the band and label pushing that on the hits collections in future years.

  3. Also meant to add that the 12″ release you mention was an import from Factory Benelux that came out a few months later with, as you say, two more new songs on the b-side and no sign at all of Procession

  4. I’m in the minuscule minority. This was my penultimate New Order single, ‘Temptation’ was my last. I’ve got the orange sleeve.

  5. Factory US made it a bit more maddening in 1982 with a “compilation” 12″ EP with EGG, Procession and Mesh on the A side and Temptation and Hurt on the B side. Martha Ladly of Martha + The Muffins was responsible for the painting that her boyfriend P. Saville® used on the front cover. It’s actually one of my favorite Saville designs. Oh, and SA, I think I might put up Simple MInd’s I Travel for the moment Rock Met Dance prize, but I’m willing to consider EGG.

  6. JC: I hope I didn’t come across as questioning your infinite wisdom. You were there at the time it came out, I wouldn’t discover New Order for a few more years. I was more questioning my own perceived knowledge of the single.

  7. Jings Robster… didn’t come across that way at all!!!!!

    It was a spot-on point you made. I’ve long felt that Procession ha been semi-written out of the NO history for the simple fact that more folk prefer and/or are aware of E’sGG….doubled up with the fact that it did later come out on the 12″ release and appear on compilations. And If I came across as sniffy and self-righteous in my replies (initially composed in a hurry on the iphone during a train journey) then I apologise!!

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