Well…..that could have been a headline you might well have read when this single was released in mid 1996.

It was a time when the mania and hype around Oasis was at its most ferocious with Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger having dominated the singles charts like no others in many a long time. Beck had recorded a critically-acclaimed LP entitled Odelay, but the first single lifted from it, Where It’s At, hadn’t done all that well, peaking at #61 in the USA and #35 in the UK.

But Noel Gallagher was a big fan of Beck and he offered to play on and produce a remix of the follow-up single, Devils Haircut. Fair play to the record label, they resisted the temptation to make the most of things by keeping the original version as the lead track with Noel’s remix, along with another remix by Mike Simpson of The Dust Brothers made available as b-sides along with a previously unreleased Beck song.

The Oasis connection worked to some extent in the UK, with the single reaching #22 (which is the third highest single position Beck has achieved over here). But it made no difference at all in the USA with Devils Haircut bellyflopping its way to #94.

mp3 : Beck – Devils Haircut
mp3 : Beck – Devils Haircut (Remix by Noel Gallagher)
mp3 : Beck – Devils Haircut (Groovy Sunday Remix by Mike Simpson)
mp3 : Beck – Trouble All My Days

My own verdict? An excellent pop single on its own. But both remixes do manage to bring something extra along to the song – the extra guitar playing (by Noel Gallagher himself) makes it ideal for your indie discos, while Mike Simpson’s work gives it a touch of soul…..



  1. Hmm, this goes under the You-Learn-Something-New-Every-Day category. I’m a big Beck fan; I have a particular fondness for him because he was just getting going about the time I moved to LA, and was the new underground darling when I arrived. He used to play acoustic in a little restaurant down the street from where I still live (the Alligator Lounge) on week nights. I loved Odelay and all his early stuff, but I had NO IDEA whatsoever about his connection with Noel Gallagher, of all people. I’ll be darned! as we Americans are supposed to say.

    if you’re interested, listen to “I Can Only Give You Everything” by Van Morrison’s Them to see how Beck was, um, inspired. Good cover of it by Richard Hell, too.

  2. For some reason used to find him unbelievably annoying and a case of the emperors new clothes.
    However the sea change and morning phase LPs are both stunning. Then there is the massed instrument version of bowies sound and vision which is incredibly moving and worth forgiving the evil empire and seeking out on youtube

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