One month after the release of Confessions Of A Pop Group, a second single was lifted from it. It was in fact a four-track EP, with the songs made available in 7″,12″ and CD format, albeit the versions on each of them were identical.

It was known as the 1234 EP and consisted of a rather forgettable track from the new album, an even more forgettable* piece of latino jazz for a new b-side, a just about bearable remix of what many were now fondly recalling as being the career highlight and a Mick Talbot instrumental which on the record is attributed to an imaginary group called The Mixed Companions. It’s saying a lot about the quality of the EP that the instrumental is the highlight….always thought it would make a great theme tune for some sort of daytime telly show….

mp3 : The Style Council – How She Threw It All Away
mp3 : The Style Council – Love The First Time
mp3 : The Style Council – Long Hot Summer (Tom Mix)
mp3 : The Style Council – I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side

It didn’t bother the higher echelons of the charts, hitting #41. And that, for many people, was expected to be the end of The Style Council.

Dee C Lee had just had a baby and there was no prospect of them touring. The record label were far from happy having been delivered two sub-par and poor selling LPs in a row. The media were totally against Paul Weller with the word pretentious now being applied more and more.  Indeed in late 1988 there were press reports that the band had broken up but these were vehemently denied.  But that wasn’t quite the case and the two singles from 1989 will wrap up the series in one sitting next week..

*personal opinion!!  There are many fine people with excellent taste in music who swear by this particular period in the history of TSC….

5 thoughts on “THE STYLE COUNCIL SINGLES (17)

  1. Absolutely love this single, may have done better if he’d given it to Dr Robert and it was released under the blow monkeys (who will still having hits)

    With only 2 singles left I take they will be the official ones? (Hoping for Like A Gun as I can’t get that anywhere!)

  2. After a 3-year gap, this was where I briefly dipped my toe in Style Council waters again. Not their greatest by any stretch, but to me a considerable improvement on the last few singles. The fact that I was by now in full-time employment and buying vinyl by the lorry-load may also have been an influence in getting this one.

  3. Aaah, The Blow Monkeys. I totally love that band but I can’t say the same for the similar Style Council. I once bought a CD of “Wild Wood” and even though Dr. Robert was on it, traded it in. Didn’t work for me, and that was the first [and last] Paul Weller record I had bought since “Speak Like A Child.”

  4. I will again side with Neil here. TSC were still delivering strongly for me as a fan. I had paid my fare and I was happily seeing the ride through. How She Threw It All Away is a personal favorite and a song which has lyrics that run deeper than the surface. Putting the Long Hot Summer remix on the EP felt really right at the time – coming out with the advent of the Second Summer of Love and Balearic Scene, it felt somehow appropriate. Mick’s I Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side felt like a battle cry for the embryonic Acid Jazz scene growing and building up in London. Weller and Talbot had their ear to the ground still and what came next would prove that in spades.

  5. This is the first single I had bought from them in a while. I had a chance for it to really grow on me. At the time of this release I was working in a “young men’s” department of a big department store. There was music piped in from god knows where, and this was a song that was in rotation for a while. When you spend many hours a day in one area you begin to learn the rotation. After a while I began to anticipate it coming on. When the store eventually got a new tape, or whatever,it was still in my head. So, I bought the EP.

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